Thursday, April 30, 2015

Angel's Adventures in 1911 Land

Been wearing my new rig all afternoon. Several things can be noted:

  1. I have bruised ribs on the right.
  2. I need a belt and tighter jeans.
  3. I need a better plan for potty breaks. I unzipped and everything fell to the floor with a shocking thud and whacked my ankle. Seriously, my Sig doesn't depants me at every turn.
  4. I look freaking badass, and I'm scared to death I won't be able to live up to that image.
  5. I have range time booked Monday.86 hours. 5160 minutes. 309.600 seconds. Fuck.
  6. I smell like leather, new gun, and gun oil. 


Anonymous said...

thats a nice smell. steve in ky

Angel eyes said...

You had me at #6.

I read from bottom up,and from end to beginning so I saw 6 first.
Range report!!!

DragonLW said...

You realize that in Texas, you will have the same effect on a local that a double-spoon jitterbug has on a largemouth bass.

You'll have the lure (shiny gun in attractive holster) the scent (Hoppes #9) and the topwater motion (swaying hips).

I would only start to worry if they start schooling around ya... ;-)

Keads said...

Heh! Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you reported that you had bruised ribs....that means your holster is a "high ride". I'm too "fluffy" for a high ride and too arthritic to put myself in a contorted position to unholster. so I guess I will continue with my quest for a mid or low ride holster for the old 1911.

hiswiserangel said...

Steve, I'm a "high-ride" only because I wear mom jeans. I am too old and too fat to wear those hip-hugger jeans with 2-inch zippers. My waistband is just under my belly button, like God intended.

Critter said...

This depantsing business keeps coming up...

DragonLW said... Valkyrie holster is definitely not a high-ride.

In the industry, a "High-ride" holster is one that places the ENTIRE triggerguard of the gun ABOVE the top edge of the belt.

My Valkyrie is a "Medium Height", as it centers the trigger guard over the centerline of the belt.

Low-ride, in the holster industry, is one where the entire trigger guard sits below the bottom edge of the belt.

If Angel is experiencing ribs being poked, she has one of three issues:

A) She, as most females, is "short waisted", which is to say the distance from her bottom rib to her hip bone is around 3". Men, on the other hand, tend to average 4" - 5.25"

B) She is wearing the holster too far forward (A paddle rig should sit between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock)

C) She is wearing "mom jeans", or high-ride jeans, which place the gun right up into the ribs because the belt loops ride up very high because of the cut of the jeans.

Getting a gun to sit in the right place is more than just "the holster". Its the holster, the pants, where the belt sits, the belt itself, etc. :-)

wirecutter said...

Having carried a gun for a year or 3 in a variety of holsters, Dragon's Valkyrie was the first paddle holster I've ever worn and is also the most comfortable one I've ever worn. Plus it's beautiful.
When I retire in a couple years I'm moving to a state with open carry just so I can show that motherfucker off.

Anonymous said...

Get a true gunbelt.

Milt Sparks
El Paso Saddlery
Tucker Gunleather

Trapper said...

Sorry but no one has ever looked badass in mom jeans.

DragonLW said...

Anonymous....Angel "IS" getting a true gunbelt.

A Dragon Leatherworks Gunbelt. Made by a Patriot for a Patriot.

hiswiserangel said...

thank you, Dennis, you beat me to it.
I chose a Dragon gun belt first because it'll match perfectly, and second because wirecutter has one and the's my hero.

Wind River Ranger said...

WC - here in Wyoming are a Constitutional Carry state. Most of the holsters one sees, however, are kydex. Your Dragon Valkyrie would be a welcome sight.

Grog said...

trapper, that was wrong. You can think what you want, but go be a dick somewhere else.

Stretch said...

I'm lucky.
At 6'6" and two hundred and mumble-mumble pounds I carry a full size 1911 with no problem. Inside or out the waistband makes no difference. I DO wear a thick leather belt supported by Perry Suspenders. Between the 1911, 2 spare mags and a multi-tool the suspenders save me from having to cinch the belt painfully tight.

Anonymous said...

You'll get the carry thing figured out. I'm both shorter and lighter than the average guy and I can do it comfortably.

Don't know if you have ever shot a 1911 before or not, but if not, I think you will find two things to be true. 1, a full size 1911 is at least one of if not the easiest gun out there to shoot accurately. 2, a good 1911 trigger will spoil you. You will not ever again be able to say DAO without suppressing a gag reflex.

I have a variety of pistols, including plastic DAOs, and they are good guns, but no matter what I take to the range there is always a 1911 along. For me a Commander length with a bobbed tail has gotten to be my favorite.

Congrats on the new gun, 1911s have a peculiar tendency to multiply, even without a mate.

David Martin

Darrell McNew said...

Had a proud father moment just yesterday. Stopped by daughter #2's house to pick up grandson #1, and she was standing at the stove,midday, telltale print of the butt of her .45 under a t shirt. Raised her right I think. Daughter #1 prefers a glock 19, but I don't hold that against her.
Also my 49 year old bride carries a full size 1911 daily. Was a long battle to get them to adapt their fashion sense to accommodate the guns, but now it appears to be natural to all of them.
Daughter#2 has a friend that I've been helping for a few months going to her ccw class this weekend. Her gun of choice? 1911.
Now I only have to fix my new son in law!!
P.s. all three of the younger girls are less than 130# and wear the lowrider britches and typical teenybopper fashion, but have very few issues hiding the larger framed guns. My wife dresses more conservative but seems to have a few more issues with the gun printing on her clothes. All resort to a fanny pack on sweatpants and tshirtdays...

Anonymous said...

That list is making me horny. Check out frog lube too.

wirecutter said...

WRR - When I get shut of this state I'm headed to Tennessee where Lisa's grandbabies live. It's gotta be cheaper than flying her back there once a year to take them to walmart.
And Tennessee is open carry now too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragon, thanks for the clarification. I've been looking for an appropriate holster and haven't found one that I liked. Just recently I've noticed the trigger guard alignment that you mentioned. Being German, I'm slow on the draw.....(I'll be here all week; try the veal)

DragonLW said...

Quite welcome, Steve. :-)