Saturday, May 30, 2015

Always push your limits


Critter said...

Reach for the stars. And the lighter fluid.

Anonymous said...

Just had a triple CABG(cabbage) bypass,with myoxima on the inside. Got a tablet and starting to learn it.

Kevin St Tx

Reg T said...

I've bypassed the cabbage, and the broccoli, too (a lot more than three times). The last time I ate broccoli, the people sitting next to me got myoxima and had to be resuscitated. What kind of tablet works for myoxima? Beano?

Anonymous said...

Was under the influence of oxycodone. Open heart surgery recovery was May 27 2015 went home June 01 2015. Drugs are wearing off so i thought I'd explain this post(everything seemed like a good idea at the time).
Triple bypass with removal of a tumor from the Left Atrium of the heart.

Kevin Strawbridge Tx

Volfram said...

Do the impossible, see the invisible. Row, row, fight the power.

*high-five to Leigh if she ever sees this*

Reg T said...

My sincere apology. I was trying to be funny, not trying to make fun of you. I like puns and to play upon words, but - as is often the case - I made an ass out of myself instead. Good luck to you, and I hope you enjoy a full recovery.