Sunday, May 24, 2015

NOW!!!! Dragon's First Ever Memorial Day Sale

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks has just announced his very first ever Memorial Day Sale. 
It runs from 00:00:01 on May 25 to 23:59:59 (Eastern time, adjust to your time zone), a full 24-hour sale on every item in the Dragon's Hoard. All items will be at least 5% off, and items that are already sale priced through his distributor will be an additional 5%. For you math challenged, that's at least 10%.  Now this is only on the items in the Dragon's Hoard (see portal in side bar), not the custom leather goods. He's generous, not stupid. 
So go check out the Hoard and celebrate Memorial Day by supporting a Patriot business. 

It's on folks.
Midnight Eastern to 23:59:59 Eastern.


tom denham said...

Why oh why do these sales always come along when I'm broke as hell.

DoninSacto said...

Tom Denham, it doesn't matter to me. I'm always broke as hell.

Angel eyes said...

I'm still supporting bloodsuckers at 60!
I can dream, though.
Not to hijack, but
My high school friend is taking a leatherwork apprenticeship and he's making a holster for my Red hawk .44 SS.

Robert Fowler said...

He made a holster for a TV show, NCIS New Orleans, that I would love to have. It fits nearly in the Small of the back and holds the pistol nearly horizontal, grip up. That and the fancy one he made for Scott Backula that he has worn a few times. It looked like it had a shark skin insert. Beautiful holster.

DragonLW said...

Hey Robert!

A small correction...I didn't make the grip-up S.O.B. holster for NCIS: NOLA. That was made by a company that markets mass-produced Made-In-China holsters.

All I made was the holster for the pilot / spin-off episode that Scott Bakula's character was wearing, done up in crocodile skin.

When the show was actually picked up on its own merits and went into production, the studio determined that they didn't like the look of the OWB paddle holster because it showed an unsightly bulge under a shirt or jacket, and they felt it distracted from the character, so they went with the S.O.B. holster because it *looked better on the actor*.

Go figure....