Thursday, November 12, 2015

It didn't have to end like that

You know, all we wanted was answers from the Kerodins, the truth, good or bad. No one was looking to destroy them, no one was looking to be destroyed. But Sam and Holly chose the means of their end by attacking Patriots. There's more to this than just the attack on JC Dodge's employment, much more, and it'll eventually come out. But their hubris and desperation caught up with them. Too many people know now, with facts, to let them continue their scams in the Patriot community.

I'm nobody in the movement. I'm not military or law enforcement, I'm not a soldier or a hunter. I'm a simple mom who loves the country we lost and wants to see it restored. I got caught up in the excitement of being a part of something much much bigger than me, and it cost me. More than I could really afford. I sent the money to the Kerodins, knowing I'd probably never see a return on it; but as long as it was used for it's intended purpose, I was fine with that. Now, I either want the truth or my money back; and sadly, I know I won't get either.

But the real heavyweights, the True Patriots, have pursued the truth from and about the Kerodins, and they've posted it for all to see.


JC Dodge


Check them out and make your own judgment.


Turd Burglestein said...

I'm not one to wish bad things to happen to someone, but with all I've read at knuckledraggin, sipsey, and jim miller's post, I hope sammay falls face first in an unflushed toilet, knocks himself out, and drowns. And that it was someone elses turd in the bowl.

Leigh in Whitehall said...

Props to CA for having the integrity to stand up and say he was wrong. It takes a big man to admit his failings. I always thought he was a credible person, this just confirms it.
It is a shame that it has gone this far, and things have come to this.

Whitehall, NY

wirecutter said...

Sweetie, you ARE somebody. You're a Patriot.

hiswiserangel said...

< insert smiley face here >