Monday, December 14, 2015

I was 14 when Poppy banned me from the grill

Went out to light the grill (natural gas as Poppy worked for the gas company) and lost my bangs, eyebrows and eyelashes two days before school pics. Yes, mom still has that picture of me with drawn on eyebrows. No, she won't give it to wirecutter. Don't even ask.


John Varga said...

I have a lady friend who used lighter fluid with a gas grill.

Anonymous said...

That reminded me of Groucho. His eyebrows and mustache were greasepaint in his movies and vaudeville act. When he did the tv show "You Bet Your Life" they were real. Give the lady a cigar and $100 if she blogs the secret word.

da_truth36 said...

Say it ain't so! :o

hiswiserangel said...

"Taste the mean, not the heat."
I'm pretty sure Hank Hill was based on Poppy.

Angel eyes said...

But have you mastered that 'fire' thing yet?

Anonymous said... need to me making potato salad...not lighting the grill

bison guy

stevierayv said...

Some peoples kids.

JC said...

Went up to Maine to visit the In-Laws. Tres swank place in Kennebunk. Brought all supplies for Texas BBQ - brisket, 20# of pecan hulls (THE thing for a smoker)and so on. The next town up the road is Wells Maine, notorious for having 1.683 used bookshops per resident. Left a nephew in charge of the pit. Got back the same time the Fire Department showed up. Got a phone call from GHW Bush, though. Said he smelled BBQ. Shit, I'd already brought him a six of Shiner Bock!

Told him he and his family were welcome, but I really hadn't brought enough to offer the Secret Service. He declined, saying that it would be cruel to do that to them.

Nice man. Wife was doing readings for kiddies at the local library. Babs is a sweetheart.

OTOH, Hils is America's ex-wife, and Michelle is America's playground monitor.

John The River said...

After the house was lost in a fire one of the neighbors emailed this, "I saw the smoke coming from your house and didn't think anything about it, I figured that you were just doing BBQ".