Friday, December 11, 2015

Why Miss Lisa doesn't let wirecutter decorate


Anonymous said...

if it snows....tits are good

hell....tits are always good

sorry....going to the corner...i know the way

bison guy

Anonymous said...

My first day at University of Tennessee, I saw a sign a across four panes of a dorm window: GOUT

Go, UT! Really needed a bigger window.

HeroHog said...

Thanks, now I'm recovering from a laughter induced coughing fit!

Lisa Lane said...

Ken has a wonderful Christmas is similar to The Ghost from Christmas Past..Mr. Scrooge, but he does put the tree up for me, puts the lights and decorations all in all....I'll keep him. Honestly he tries to get me whatever I may say I want all year round, so I never really say I want anything for Christmas....cause he plays Santa always...gotta love a giving man.....and I do.