Sunday, February 14, 2016

III to III for a Patriot

Kim Harrison is someone I see commenting both here and at wirecutter's, and she's someone I'd like to know better. She seems like one hell of a lady and a fine Patriot. She contacted WC yesterday, and it sounds like she's in a bit of a jam.  As a caregiver, her job depends on the person for whom she's caring, and hers passed away suddenly. As a live-in, this also means her housing is also on the line.
Most of us have been there, one paycheck away from disaster and suddenly that paycheck is gone. Add to that the distress of losing someone she truly cared about, and you can see how rough this is for her.

She sent WC the SOS (which should really be P2P) and a GoFundMe link. Please help if you can, prayers can be just as valuable as money because I truly believe God hears them and sends opportunities to His faithful.

Kim's story is HERE. and her GoFundMe is HERE.

Thank you for being the sweeties I know you to be!




Kim Harrison said...

I am overwhelmed by all of this. My heart is broken but being refilled with the compassion of y'all
Two days ago I had life, love and work
today i am sorting through the ashes of a mans life and trying very hard to makes sure he is remembered as he needs to be

please forgive my grammar and typing - the crying comes when it wants to

Lisa Lane said...

Bless your heart Kim, it takes a special person to care for another...I have a cousin who does the same, as her chosen career, another, a nurse for Hospice...RESPECT to you and others that can open their hearts to those that do not have a family member or friend that can be there, for whatever reason. Thank YOU!