Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Now showing "Deliverance"


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with that? I didn't use truck seats but I built stadium seating in my basement for movies. The idea of separate seats is a great idea. It would keep the kids from fighting over who is on who's side of the couch..... and when they get to the teen yes it will prevent any boys snuggling up with my daughters.


Robert Fowler said...

No consoles in the back row? Where are you supposed to put your drink?

Anonymous said...

Other than that I used couches in place of truck seats I built the same sort of teered seating in my tv room.

I like the idea of seperate seats. It would keep kids from fighting over who touched who.... now after a young man came over to visit with my teen daughter today i'm thinking seperate seats are in my future.


drjim said...

Actually not a bad idea, as some car seats are extremely comfortable.

But yeah, needs a couple of consoles in the back row!