Sunday, May 26, 2019

Memorial Day


tsquared said...

Good post. I am third generation military. I retired 15 years ago. Memorial day has always been a solemn and quiet day in my family.

Odysseus said...

At this point I've read so much Great War history, I have to mentally stop myself from using Armistice Day in public.

pigpen51 said...

It is exceptionally quiet in my house today. My wife is laying down, my daughter is in her room on her computer, and I am just sitting her, looking at some of my regular blogs, and watching Detroit Tiger baseball, where the other team sees how many runs they can get before they have to go home.
I have a son on a ship with the USS Abraham Lincoln, the USS Leyte Gulf, sitting in the gulf of Oman, near Yemen, the last I was able to find, from my internet searches. Part of the scare Iran battle group. He was due to get out in April, but he signed up for an extra 6 months so he could stay with his ship so they were not short handed on this deployment, since his job was sort of critical. Thus he has already been in 6 years. He has a wife and a daughter waiting, but stayed in for the extra time to not make them try and break in a new sonar tech, which is a fairly hard job, with some of the old equipment on that ship.
So I am more than a little concerned for the events over there.
I wish you the best with you broken foot, and try and stay off of it as best you can. I know, it won't be easy, but it will heal better if you can. And have a great summer.

ScooterMan said...

Not all who are honored died in combat. During my 20 years in the Navy, I've seen 3 deaths just from working in dangerous environment. Maybe not so glamorous to those who never served, but believe me just as shocking.
So to all my shipmates who never got to enjoy another return from sea, rest in peace.
To all others I've never met, I salute you.

Tmrey said...

It's a great post, so great to see you back!

John said...

I incorporated this into my Memorial Day posting;