Sunday, December 6, 2015


I was introduced to Firefly by a friend a couple of years ago. I binged in one day. On a 40-inch flat screen tv with Dolby surround sound. Then I watched the movie. I do this every few months just because. Call me a Browncoat.


North Texan said...

Yea it was dead long before I found it, but it's so awesome. John Ringo worked Firefly into one of his Kildar series. Made me love that series even more.

Anonymous said...

I caught the pilot on tv and its the only series i own both in blueray and dvd. Bluetay for watching at home and dvd for when i travel for work to watch on my laptop.


drjim said...

I Made the mistake of watching the movie first, because I didn't know much about it other than a lot of "people like us" enjoyed it.

When my wife watched it for the first time, I had her watch the series first, then the movie.

And now I'm a big "Castle" fan, too....

Stretch said...

I wore my brown duster to work one day.
Younger employee looked at me and said:
"You're the coolest guy your age I know."
Guess you have to take compliments when and how you can.

jimmie said...

My wife makes fun of me because I have 2 DVD copies and 1 blueray copy of the series and the movie

jimmie said...

My wife makes fun of me because I have 2 DVD copies and 1 blueray copy of the series and the movie

Captain Marvel said...

One of the best things I have seen on TV in many years

Rob said...

I liked the series & was really disappointed when it was cancelled, they didn't even show them all! Then could not believe they made a movie! The movie was great, I bought copies for my kids.

Get me talking about 'them' doing the right thing... Farscape, they ended the season/series on a cliff hanger! Shot the last scene and the next week took apart the set.
Then later they came back & made a movie that tied all the loose ends and was damned entertaining too!

Les said...

"If they try to kill you, you try to kill them right back"; from memory, so it may not be exact.

Anonymous said...

I also was way too late for the party. SERENITY was my 1st exposure to Firefly. Summer Glau's (River) fight scene in the bar was awesome!

I was lucky to find the entire series in DVD for less than $20. Well worth the money - Jane is frickin' hilarious (I call her Vera!).

Not the only Browncoat is all I'm saying.

John The River said...

Suggested it to a friend.

Month later out of the blue he called me,"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE ARE NO MORE!?!".

I actually understood and felt a little guilty.

Anonymous said...

Read a lot of John Ringo:
Paladin of Shadows
Special Circumstances
Empire of Man
Legacy Of The Aldenata
Missed most of Firefly original broadcast because of job. Enjoy it now Loved the Movie.
Need to do something with "Space above and Beyond" Could have been better but they left 2 pilots crashed on a planet was canceled.(Space Marines){using pilots as ground troops?}

Supposed to be a David Weber Book to Movie Set in Honorverse.

Kevin S TX