Thursday, December 3, 2015

When Muslim jihad becomes workplace violence

Only when it's committed in Obama's Amerika. Nidal Hassan, in spite of repeatedly yelling "Allahu Akbar" while gunning down unarmed (don't get me started on this) American soldiers was not commiting jihad, he was stressed out and committed workplace violence.

Syed  Rizwan Farook and his Saudi-born bride Tashfeen Malik just "spontaneously" broke due to stress and committed workplace violence yesterday in San Bernardino, CA. Malik was chosen for her devoutness and willingness to wear a hijab (no pictures were available of her face, hmmmm.)

If there is such a thing as "modern" or "moderate" Muslims, that's okay. They're as big a target of jihadis as non-believers are, probably more-so. But I guarantee you, this will not increase the talk of halting Muslim refugees, because hey, it was just more workplace violence.


Anonymous said...

British news source claimed they were "devout americsn citizens" and our Canadian news is saying he snapped because someone tried to serve him pork.

It's muslim terror plain and simple and with the syrians being used to solving disputes with blood its only going to get much more common.


loaded4bear said...

You've hit the nail on the head. The liberals are spinning this so hard they are about to screw themselves into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Not that it matters anymore, because the media just makes shit up now, but those terms actually do have a specific meaning (or at least they used to).

Terrorism is a tactic, used by members of a group, to accomplish the goals of that group. The tactic and the goals are related. "killing people" is neither a goal nor a tactic. Example: Killing the family of a police chief to get the police chief to stop enforcing the law against a certain group. The tactic supports the goal.

Work place violence: A person who kills other people he knows AT WORK, because he hates them enough to want to kills them.

Sudden Jihadi Syndrome: Often mistaken for terrorism, but most often is just crazy guy being crazy. Islam is often indistinguishable from being crazy. Being a Moslem and being crazy is not enough to make one a terrorist.

Why it matters: The correct terms tell you how to deal with the situation. Terrorism demands you go after the terrorist organization. You have to defeat their goals to defeat them or kill all their leadership. Killing their troops is not enough. For SJS, the crazy guy usually does not survive. There is nothing you can do to prevent him from doing this and nothing you need to do to keep him from doing it again. He is a psychopath. Killing him once fixes it.

Timothy McViegh: Psychopath
Nidal Hassan: Psychopath
One eyed cleric: Terrorist.
Underpants bomber: Psychopath
Unibomber: Psychopath
Charles Manson: Psychopath.
9-11 attack squads: Terrorists.

graylady said...

I believe we were lucky. From the explosives/bomb making materials found in their home, this couple was obviously preparing for a much larger, more comprehensive series of terror attacks. The husband lost his temper/control with his co-workers and whatever the reason, he went jihadi before those controlling and supplying them had planned. We are lucky we only lost 14 people, and not 1,400 or 14,000.

Anonymous said...

I heard on one of the broadcasts that, "the assailants were silent; they didn't say anything while they were shooting"
So was that a way for the MSM to try to say that the perps WEREN'T muslime terroists?

Lisa Lane said...

When Ken first came in and told me, my first question was...Islamic? Muslim? What? He said no, they are saying white guys..I told him, ummmm yeah sure....not that there are not white guys capable...surely to God there are... but lets just keep it real....ok, odds are not likely...I pray for the families affected by such a tragedy as well as those that were not even there, but will now be hindered in their lives because of this being allowed to continue to occur in our country, and will continue to increase in episode because of our weak pRESIDENT and his non concern for the safety of the American public.

Unclezip said...

This deserves repeating:
A radical Muslim wants to cut off your head.
A moderate Muslim wants the radica Muslim to cut off your head.

Locked and loaded. It's getting just a tad too close to home.

Anonymous said...

I still maintain that the goal is for Obama to declare martial law and make himself "President for life". Watch what happens if bubba loses it at some bearded goat fucker that starts running his mouth. All the "O my ass burns" wants now is the thinnest excuse to unleash hell on "whitey". We, not the islamoturd child raping murderers, are The governments enemy and we had better wrap our heads around that that most rikki tic. Or we are going to wake up to our own cut off nuts being shoved down our neck's. Combat loads in best weapons guys with full kit behind the door.---Ray

pigpen51 said...

A moderate Muslim will still cut off your head but won't eat you?

Tony Tsquared said...

I am waiting for the spin to tie this to global climate change.

JeremyR said...

Considering the prep work they did, I think they did not expect to get caught. I guess she thought it would be just like in Pakistan, her home land. I'd bet that part of what we will never see is a long list of intended targets.

A Texan said...

Not revisionists. Let's get our terminology correct.


The Left can call all logical and science-based opponents of "Global Warming" or "Climate Change," "Deniers" of one stripe or another, then that simply warrants throwing the same exact kind of language back in their faces.

Again, all of the Left is a bunch of JIHAD-DENIERS.