Thursday, May 12, 2016

Almost 54 years of wedded bliss

Phone rings, 7:40 am.

"Hey mom, what's up?"

"Your father!"

"My father....what?"


Well shit, "Okay mom, what did Poppy do?"

"I got up, he wasn't here, checked the guest room, he wasn't there, checked the bathrooms, the deck, nothing. His pickup is gone!"

Now I'm worried. Eleven days post-op, ICU, 4 feet of upper intestine gone, went to Urgent Care yesterday with a wound infection, now sporting colloidal silver dressings and an antibiotic pump, not supposed to drive for two more weeks and he doesn't carry a cell phone.

"I'll call McDonald's and see if he's there with the ROMEOs."

"He's there, Don just called, he's driving him home and Jan will bring the pickup. I'm gonna kill him."

"Can you wait until tomorrow? I'd like to chew on him myself."

"You got it." Click.

Just picked up a packet of 64 get well cards. I'll take them tomorrow. Thank you all so very much!
We'll let him read them before we kill him.


wirecutter said...

He missed his bros.
And I just caught a glimpse of the post below this. You've got two days to smoke his ass because I'm headed to Texas to kick yours - and I know where you live.

Anonymous said...

Angel, You need something to distract WC. I have a suggestion.....


hiswiserangel said...

Dare I ask, Exile?

Anonymous said...

Going to fix some popcorn. BRB


Anonymous said...

The picture I sent you that you said was a last resort.


Anonymous said...

tell Poppy i'll come drive his getaway ambulance.....

vaquero viejo

skybill said...

Hi Angel,
I hate ta' say, but "Poppy" and I could be brothers!! If I were he, instead of McDonalds, ya'd find me at the "DROPZONE!!!" probably already organized a couple of sh!t hot 20 ways and packin' up for the next one!!
Never under estimate the Power of who you think are "Old Men??"
Blue skies....Black Death!!!,
SCR-2034, SCS-680,