Sunday, October 9, 2016

When you know the diet isn't working

This reminds me of the time my bff and I had lunch in Dumas.
She'd locked her keys in her Avalanche and I had to climb
through the sliding back window to reach the unlock button with a stick.
The truck was parked on the Dumas highway, and my jeans-clad ass
(she was wearing a skirt that day so I was up)
was sticking out for all the passing truck drivers.
It was actually quite validating.


John Smith said...

I would have loved to see that.

Anonymous said...

my cousin eddie can't read

a dumb raccoon he is


Anonymous said...

ahhh, would love to have seen that sight, Wise Angel One.....

vaquero viejo

susan said...

is that pronounced "doo-maas" or "dumb-ass"?

Dick said...

Nice story. That's an image I'll carry all day.

Stretch said...

"my jeans-clad ass"
Stretch goes to his happy place.