Friday, November 18, 2016

Fully covered by Obamacare


Anonymous said...


humans use weird slang talk these days

my care wagon for then be a hearse

waiting for you to do me in


JeremyR said...

Lots of comparisons between them and the ones made of frozen water.
1. They are unique, just like every one else.
2. They are delicate, too much heat and they dry up and go away.
3. Get a bunch of em working in unison, and you have an avalanche of destruction.
4. Not really functional, you can only use them for something after you apply a little heat.
5. While they might be fun to watch, they are for the most part an irritation that interferes with work, especially if you get more than two in a day.

Robert Fowler said...

No pony?

Anonymous said...

the "whinermobile"?

vaquero viejo