Friday, November 18, 2016

Now I'm really scared of Linux


Arthur said...

I'd have to say that's a pretty fair comparison.

I have one M$ box left and that's the one I game on. Luckily the eventual forced upgrade to Windows 10 is making 'anal' look more and more attractive.

Mike Miles said...

Windows 10 is a spy on you machine.

So at least with Linux, you get to screw or get screwed in private.

Sedition said...

Kali Linux, on the other hand, can be all sorts of fun.
Depending on which build of Linux you use, it isn't really all that bad and better than windows in many ways.

Stan_qaz said...

You can avoid a lot of the ugly part of Linux by picking a version (distribution) that is aimed at non-technical users that just want something that works and not a toy to tinker with. OpenSuse is a good option for that, the Leap version in particular. I, my wife, mom (at 93) and a group of friends are all using it with minimal problems.

Free for the downloading:

Arthur said...

I'll jump in again. This wasn't talking about Linux as a business or casual users OS. It was specifically aimed at gaming.

Gaming on Linux is a pain in the ass. Unless the game is specifically ported or someone has done a lot of work beforehand getting it to run reliably - or at all - sucks.

And every time a patch is released for the game you're playing you have to jump through hoops to get it working again.

There are exceptions, but overall it blows.

Here -

Enter the name of a popular game released this year.

Jeffersonian said...

I switched to Linux Mint a year or two ago, after Windowx XP Pro 64 barfed all over its own registry during some update or other. Barely got all my stuff out.

Mint is very similar in look and feel to XP. High-end gaming is about the only thing I can't do in it yet. It comes with LibreOffice, which is the Linux version of OpenOffice, which does just about everything Microsoft Office does, including saving in MS formats, but without spying on you or costing hundreds of dollars. Most things in Linux are free for the downloading. There's even a decent video editor, Kdenlive. If you have more than one computer, pick one to wipe and give it a try.

Fred said...

I always wanted to try linux but my wife just keeps saying no fucking way.

hiswiserangel said...

Huh, I thought it was about anal.
And then Fred and his better half renewed my faith in humanity.

Sedition said...


Get yourself a thumb drive about 16 Gig and creat a live boot image on it. In your BIOS, you can tell your computer to atempt to boot from USB drive first, then CD, then hard drive.
If you boot without the Mint thumb drive in, it'll boot up in Windows. If the thumb drive is in as you boot, you'll be in Linux Mint.
Best part is, you can carry that thumb drive with you and boot from almost any PC you come to into Mint.
ps. If you want to save things on the Linux Mint thumb drive (favorite sites and such), you'll have to make it persistant.
There are detailed steps on how to do this on the web, if you want to try it.

Sedition said...

pps Fred...tell your wife, the more she uses Linux Mint, the easier it will be. ;)
She'll get use to it.

Volfram said...

@Sedition: Don't make the drive persistent, just format it with a smaller partition and then add the larger one after booting Linux.

Running the OS from a cheap 16GB USB drive is *slow.* Try to minimize how much of that you need to do. (Downside being you'll need to run an update every time you use the drive and have to reinstall any programs you want to use)

Sedition said...


Got the message. I usually only use Mint for light web surfing...the normal stuff. Windows for gaming and multitrack recording...sometimes light surfing.
Most of the time I use Tails...probably a bit advanced for most, but much more secure if you know what your doing. Bounce back and forth between Tor and I2P.