Monday, November 14, 2016

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder Support Package

Hillary supporters have started wearing safety pins on their shirts to indicate
that they are Safe Places for their fellow TARD sufferers. 
If you're being harassed or bullied by an Alpha Male (or female) Trump supporter,
look for someone wearing a Safety Pin. You can whimper together.


Mike Miles said...

Whiney little babies.
They are dangerous babies though when they are in power, as hundreds of millions of dead communist resistors can attest to.

JeremyR said...

That explains why liberals keep coming up to me. When I worked in maintenance, I kept a safety pin on my shirt pocket. They are handy for many things from digging out splinters to seperating wires while trouble shooting. I still have one on the pockets of all my work shirts. good strong stainless steel ones.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing but back in college I was a residence assistent in the residence.

One night I was the RA on duty and had to go to the 4 bedroom dorm room that housed the head of the student "libetal" group, because it was late on a school night and their music was up loud.

I knocked and was invited in. They had eight couples inthe living room with the guys all in diapers and one of them being "changed" by his girl friend.
Evidently diaper fetish was a popular thing in their group.

So i'm not sure we want to encourage liberals to wear diapers... some get excited by that.


Anonymous said...

give them a pacifier!


drjim said...

Get over it. We won.

That's what the libtards told us last time, and what's good for the goose....

JeremyR said...

My solution.

Anonymous said...

Are you f&^*ing kidding me? I thought you were joking until I googled it and found out it was true. How much more screwed up can these people be? The world is not a safe place. It has never been a safe place. It will never be a safe place. There will always be predators, and there will always be evil. Some of the predators and evil ones will be wearing safety pins. Why? Because that is the way you attract the prey.


SiGraybeard said...

Linked back from my little place.

Chris from Canada said...

I guess my belief that a safety pin's main use was to hold up a baby's diaper was correct.