Friday, April 21, 2017

I'd fly just to wear these them HERE.


B said...

Sold out of the shirts.

Anonymous said...

I DO want some of those!!!

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

one is assuming the bastards can read?

nifty idea!

from that Alien, bye!


Veeshir said...

Gov't bureaucrats with too much power do not have much of a sense of humor that does not involve body-cavity searches.

You might as well get one that says, "Probe my butt!"

I need an ocean in the way or be in a big hurry before I'll fly.

Granny said...

Sold out. Any wonder?
My year long plan to meet up with my baby girl in Hawaii is getting closer every day. June 12th is the meet up day. Karen was born there and she has never been back.
I will be subjected to immigration at Honolulu airport. Traveling on an Australian passport is better than an American passport. Sorry amigos and amigas, that is the hard truth. Envied and hated almost universally.
I get tired of trying to explain the inexplicable to foreigners. I explain that I have been an expat for 41 years. Out of touch until recently with the interweb.
Keep the pressure on Angel.
What's Max up to these days?

leaperman said...

Yeah. That'll make 'em be faster in processing.

SunwolfNC said...

As often as I've traveled and from talking with people who ravel more than I do; wearing something like this would *guarantee* you a private couple of hours in a non air conditioned office with no windows; depending on the airport/city.
DC, CO, NY, WA... all a collection of asshats from the stories I've been told.