Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 SOTU Catch Phrase

"New Economy". I hope someone somewhere is counting the number of times Obama says "new economy". It's not about getting back the ground we lost. It's not about "Making America Great Again". For Obama, as always, it's Hope and CHANGE. He doesn't want the Good Old USA back, he wants the New Global Economy. How do you do that? Hammer it in the citizens' heads that Old USA is bad, New Economy is good. Old USA is income inequality, racism, sexism, anti-gay, anti-Islam (how is that for a contradiction in goals?). New Economy is free shit, forced health insurance, income redistribution, green environmental jobs, new immigrants with new ideas and new cultures. Old is bad, New is good. He doesn't want to make America Great Again, he wants to create a New America, a greener America, a more international America, a more Socialist America.

I'm so tired of "immigration" and "migration" being substituted for "illegal immigration". I'm tired of Islamic terrorism being passed off as an anomaly. I'm tired of having COMPLY being presented as COEXIST.

Mostly, I'm tired of the lies. I'm tired of the games. I'm tired of politics as usual.

I want my country back. The Good OLD United States of America.


Angel eyes said...

I'm forcing myself to watch the obama state of the ghetto speech with my mouth duct taped taped shut out of respect for my family. I must love pain, I guess.
Fuck this, I'm gonna go pull out a tooth.

doubletrouble said...

...and the horse he rode in on.

pigpen51 said...


Granny said...

OK, It's a given that Obama has pissed you lot off.
Consider this Grasshopper; how many ISIS insurgents do you realistically think there are?
100,000? More?
Ok, Stack those numbers against our numbers, coalition, NATO, etc.
It is convenient to keep us off balance, rabidly hating (insert ethnic group here) "it's their fault and the sooner we get rid of "Them" the better things will be." I'll get my job back, my country, my life! Oh dear.
It has ever been thus. CYA time boys and girls.

Chams90 said...

We need a Leader We need to go take back our Capital kick all them assholes out an start over No more career Polies see how they like that shit make DAMN sure they all work.