Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yeah, I don't ski either

And you just heard his voice when you read that.


drjim said...

Nope, we're moving to get the hell out of Kommiefornia!!!

Keith Pearson said...

If I were to move there, it'd be for the jeep trails and hiking trails. Never done weed, my drugs of choice are caffeine and booze. Though, if someone wants to smoke a bowl on the weekend, I couldn't care less.

Anonymous said...

maybe to shoot an elk, or fly fish, if the peta people in Boulder and Denver will still let you......

vaquero viejo

Stretch said...

Not funny.
Was in CO last Sept.
Merging onto I-70 at speed. Looked to my left and saw a guy toking on his mini-bong.
Several other times my wife and I were overwhelmed by the smell of pot drifting in from other vehicles. Saw one dude pulled over by local PD. We smelled the car almost a block away.
Spoke with a local. His insurance rates have DOUBLED since pot was legalized ... and he hasn't had an accident. All due to stoners driving around ... well, stoned.