Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Meanwhile at WiscoDave's


Anonymous said...

Damn Wisco,

It looks like he's got an empty at his feet and I'll bet he doesn't have enough coin to buy a full one, you could at least toss him another brewski.

On a slightly different note, and this may interest no one at all

We were cleaning up my Uncle's place, thirty years a hoarder, never threw anything away including garbage and we were being decimated by the coons.

We would get a truck load of trash bagged up and by the next morning the coons would have it all ripped apart and you couldn't tell we had done anything. Shine a light across the place at night and there would be hundreds of eyes reflecting the light back at you.

We were in a firearm restricted area and not wanting to get too afar of the law I called the local animal control about the problem and the gentleman on the phone informed me they no longer relocated coons because it was a wasted effort. He then informed me he had to go to a meeting but before he went he had a question, "Did I own a gun? Nice talking to you sir, I have to go", and hung up.

So I started packing my old .22 rifle with me everyday. This story is going somewhere trust me.

My uncle had the property logged not long before his death and there were slash piles all over the place. One day I had the whole family out helping me clean up and my oldest daughter, then all of about six years old, hollers out to look at the baby raccoons.

I looked up to see two very young raccoons on the very top of a slash pile so I grabbed the .22, pulled a bead on the one closest to me and sent one down the tube. What I didn't know was besides the two I could see there were four more lined up behind the one I was shooting at. Well my shot connected and all five of the racoons tipped over 1,2,3,4,5 off the slash pile.

Well what do you know five with one shot, I figured that was pretty good. What I didn't count on, nor take into consideration was the fact that my six year old daughter was still admiring "the pretty babies" and had worked herself up to about fifteen yards from the slash pile where they were.

Being focused on the coons, with her back to me, she didn't see me getting the gun and to say she was somewhat shocked at this up close and personal witnessing of the instant death of the coons is an understatement.

She whirled around and came at me on a run barely able to get out between her sobs "I didn't tell you so you could KILL THEM" I was informed. She is now twenty two years old and still hasn't forgiven me for shooting them in front of her.


ps Wisco, I still think your barn encounter is the best damn coon story I've ever read. I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

WiscoDave said...

That's a damn good story of it's own, foodgrower.
I used to use an old axe handle to off the RACcoons. My daughter kept either hiding it or throwing it up on the pig barn roof. Got tired of that and got the Aluminum bat. She laughs about it now.
One winter I had so many opossums to "dispose" of that I didn't bother tossing them in the far woods, just tossed them in a small one closer. Pretty soon they got covered with snow. Come the thaw in spring my daughter comes up and asks where I'd been tossing the ones I "talked" to. I told her and she mentioned that, with the melting, you could see all the carcasses piled up and she had to quickly distract her grandmother (an avid animal lover) so they wouldn't be seen. I shrugged.

Anonymous said...

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hiswiserangel said...

I'm on it, egd.

Sarthurk said...

OK, so I read the story once, but I can't find it again.
I need to let my wife read it so she understands why I laugh every time there's a 'coon involved.

I got two last year. One little one, that I hesitated about until I realized it wouldn't be little very long. The other I shot off my front yard, and it and it's buddy scampered across the road, and down the short dock and into the bay. I saw one swim away, the other floated away.

Back to the original thought before raccoon digression. Where can I find that story again?

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to one version of it over in


Granny said...

I loves Rackety Coons. In photos, and cute animal calendars. They are a massive pest animal. Bring back 'Coon skin hats". Problem solved. And before you animal rights mob get your knickers in a knot, your track record about animal welfare is abysmal. If you don't know what you a doing, GO AWAY!

Anonymous said...

wife has chickens in a nice house/pen on east end of our house....from time to time, the local coons would feast on the chicken feed or the fowl themselves...more than once as I rested in my recliner in the living room late at nite, the youngest daughter ( in early 20's) would stride into the room, hit the hall closet, fetch the pump .12 ga, grab a flashlite, and head out the front(N)door headed east....followed there a bit of silence, then a BOOM BOOM...and 2 more coons "paid the rent".....

vaquero viejo