Friday, May 6, 2016

Good morning, good news!

Well, Poppy got things moving last night and was rewarded with a delicious clear liquid dinner. Trust me, no man has ever been more excited over Jello than he was. So depending on how things went over night and this morning, he might be released sometime today. We can only hope, right?

So all of y'all's prayers worked wonders, and I've got one more request if you're willing. The entire time he was in the hospital, he got one ONE floral arrangement, a gorgeous bowl of flowers with big gorgeous Yellow Roses of Texas, from wirecutter and Miss Lisa. I know he'd never say anything, would never let on that it bothered him, but I know with certainty it does. He and mom have lived in their hometown since 1967, been active in the church, he's been a Mason for more than four decades, he and mom are always the first to offer help, visit, send dishes, etc. when someone they know (and often when someone they don't know) needs help. And not one of the locals came through. Nothing from the church, but several members individually have visited him, nothing from the Masons, nothing from friends he's known for, well forever.

So my request is, if you'd like to, please send him a get well card. I'm very protective of them, so I won't post his home address, posting my PO box instead. If you'd prefer to send something directly to him, email me. Not that I don't trust y'all, but, you know.

I'd never realized how awkward it is to ask for something, but this is for Poppy and I'd give him the world if I could. So thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.

P.O. Box 476
Panhandle, TX 79068


Irish said...

Glad to hear the good news Angel!

Anonymous said...

So a delicious clear liquid. White Lightning?

Kim Harrison said...

Great news!!

wirecutter said...

We picked up a card for him today, we'll get it in the mail tomorrow. We really like the old fart.

hiswiserangel said...

Didn't you guys do enough by sending a bouquet that inspires cute little nurses to bend over and sniff, giving Poppy full view of nurse tushy? But thank you again.

Granny said...

Hang in there Poppy, as an acknowledged tough old bird; I know what a pisser it is to be seriously ill and all alone. You have a loving wife and daughter, and keep perving on the nurses.
Get well and give 'em hell!

Anonymous said...

Redhead nurses with big titties? Nurse tushy? Poppy needs a camera not cards. ;-)
Put it in the mail today. The card, not the camera.
As old as I am we keep a stock of get well cards. My friends are old too.

Anonymous said...

The nice thing about the internet age, is that community does not include just the local buildings & people. I plan to send a card tomorrow as a part-time resident in the digital community.
Pass along my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Lady Grey said...

Angel, so glad to hear about Poppy. Hope he gets home this weekend. He sounds like one tough old bird, and you are fortunate both your parents are still here.

As for the church and locals….I just went through this with my Mom who passed before Christmas (dad passed in '86'). She was the backbone of her church for 30 years, including with her pocketbook. Current minister of 17 yrs never visited her once during the breast cancer, only in her house one time in all that time and it was last year around her birthday when he thought she was dying (and the church is in the will). I did not even say "hello" when he was at the door, Iooked at him and said "Holy shit, your car does turn down our driveway?!" All the thousands (and I mean thousands) of hours volunteering with multiple agencies - nada. A couple friends from church and an old neighbor checked on her. Period. When the check goes to the church, I plan on having a little chat with them all from the pulpit…can't let my brother, he is far too angry. And, oh, I had to pull rank on the preacher to get them to even open the damn church for her service as it was too inconvenient for him during the holidays. My Mom was also a 60 yr member of OES, nothing from them either - and they get money, too.

People need to remember the wisdom of the elders, we do not treat them decent or honor them in this country, and this country would already be sunk had it not been for that greatest generation. They were the ones to open their pocket books and tool boxes to keep churches, organizations open. I will definitely be sending Poppy a card.

Hugs and love -
Lady Grey

Anonymous said...

Always love your site, I read it every morning.

I'm saddened by his Lodge not giving him any support. Unfortunately many Masonic lodges do not meet but monthly and the word may not have gotten around. Look at his Lodge newsletter (usually called a Trestleboard) and get the name and contact info of the Worshipful Master and the Secretary and make sure they know. It sounds like his illness was sudden and the Lodge membership may not even know about it.

Anyway tell him 'get well soon' from a Mason in Indiana!

Brian Hoover, Past Master Lakeville Lodge #353, Lakeville, IN