Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Corsettes and bustiers and chemise, OH MY!

I've had several emails asking me to define the difference between corsettes and bustiers, and what the hell is a chemise anyway?!

Simply stated the corsette came first, as either a full-coverage undergarment (covering the breasts) or an under-bust garment (worn with a shift or chemise).

Full coverage

Underbust with chemise

The typical early corsette was structured with whale-bone stays and a lace-up back for tightening. They were designed to push all the delightfully squishy female parts into perfect placement, pushing up the bust, cinching the waist and even rolling the hips back for more booty. At the turn of the century, the whale-bone stays gave way to steel (think underwire on steroids). Historical fact: In 1917, the US War Industries Board asked women to stop wearing corsettes to free up metal resources for war production. The movement was a success, and as a result freed up some 28,000 tons of metal (how’s that for coming together?! That much metal built the Board exactly two new battleships)! The one truly defining difference between corsettes and bustiers is the lace-up back, for a truly "custom" fit.

Bustiers are the comfortable cousin (if any lingerie can truly be called "comfortable"). They are not adjustable, and can also be full-coverage or underbust. It will have boning, be form-fitting, but really not as molding as the corsette. Bustiers tend to be more affordable than true corsettes. Both bustiers and corsettes come with attached or detachable garters for stockings.

Any more questions? Shall I cover the plethora of choices in bras and panties?


orbitup said...

Thanks for the lesson. The pictures were a big help. ;)

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Knowledge is a good thing.
Even more knowledge would be better but remember some of us may be a little slow, so any additional lessons should include pictures. Redheads would be a good thing. Would hold my attention.
Your faithful pupil,

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Where do you get these ugly girls?
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I just make damn sure they aren't me, rpm. That's my only secret. ;-)

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