Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Do you fancy some juicy bits?


marlena said...

that is so reminiscent of Monty Python & the Flying Circus; is this truly for real??? "juicy bits" - Brits are such pervs :)

Rob said...

"Juicy Bits Fiction"?

Critter said...

I like me some juicy bits. :)

Able said...

You're right, we don't use “pulp” but we used to (until the companies selling it here were all taken, over, bizarrely, by ...US companies if you can believe that. Tropicana eg. Is owned by Pepsi). We also used to use 'pith' but apparently that means 'the white yucky bit' to you Colonials so it was confusingn for the poor dears over there that make all our OJ, so now we get 'bits'?!?

You prompted a Wikiwander though. Did you know that 'all' the big name brands use the same process? 'From concentrate' or 'not from concentrate' is all the same to apparently.

Ever wonder how they get the 'consistency' of taste from one batch to another, year after year? They press the oranges, then store the juice in huge low oxygen tanks (for up to a year). The deoxygenated juice has hardly any taste so … they stir in a nice chemical concoction of their own 'recipe' (depending on brand) of 'flavour packs' (formulated by the same people who make up the smells for Chanel, etc.) into it to provide the required taste (differing for wherever they're going to sell that batch as preferred tastes vary across the world). You, apparently, get an extra large dose of ethyl butyrate in The States as that's your preferred 'tangy' taste.

So? Bits may be a bit more 'honest' (unless you're drinking freshly squeezed, locally or home produced) because the 'bits' in 'juice with pulp' are just that … bits they added in later (that's why it costs more).

Who knew?