Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wirecutter and Angel: An explanation (?)

I know there's some confusion still out there, SunwolfNC left this comment: "Still really don't know who he is in relation to your blog (ex husband? husband? ex boyfriend? Creepy uncle?) but seeing the 3% hanging there just earned him some points." Well, actually, he's none of those things, but exactly what he is isn't easy to explain.

You know "soul mates"? Now before you get all squicky, think about it. Soul mates don't have to be romantic, they are just people who come into your life and click. They can be a best friend, family member, mentor. You ever meet someone who feels like an old friend right off the bat? A soul mate, if you want to get all New Agey, is someone whose energy resonates in harmony with yours. You feel comfortable; you trust each other; you can fight and make up without any damage done; you can not talk or see each other for days, weeks, months, years and pick right up where you left off. That's a soul mate. 

I "met" Wirecutter three years (damn, really?) ago when I clicked on his link in Michelle Obama's Mirror's bloglist. (Really good blog, you should check it out if you haven't already.) I spent three days reading through the archives and thinking about my personal philosophy and political leanings. I laughed, I cringed, I scrolled quickly past the babe pictures (not good for a shaky self-esteem), and I decided to write an email complementing him and thanking him for sharing his unapologetic manliness in an age where being manly is considered politically incorrect. And then he wrote back. 

We discovered we shared a lot of common experiences and yet were completely different. We became e-penpals of sorts. I introduced myself to his lovely wife, Miss Lisa, so she'd know there wasn't anything hinky going on between her husband and me, and we became friends. Miss Lisa is absolutely delightful and a perfect mate for Wirecutter. I eventually met his mom on Facebook, sadly after his Pops passed away and she was in mourning, but we also became friends. She's been a wonderful source of baby pictures. 

Basically, without a hard and fast definition, Wirecutter is family, tribe. He and Miss Lisa know they can call on me for anything, and I know the same about them. And we've never met in person. This is all on the internet. So I hope that clears things up.

Wirecutter, got anything to add?


Angel eyes said...

Could you repeat that?

Hint: Slim Pickens.

hiswiserangel said...

Blazing Saddles.

Steve said...

Another movie that could NOT be made today.

And why are people still confused about your relationship with WC? Gotta be newbies!

Anonymous said...

I remember something about Wirecutter telling you to get your own blog and leave his the fuck alone and you referring to him as your Fairy Blogfather. That is the part of the story I like. I enjoy checking both your and his blogs. I have learned a lot from the postings and the comments. The readership of both blogs are a great group. Thank you to you both.
Spring, TX

SunwolfNC said...

Well, that's awesome! (and yeah, I'm newish here.)

As I've gotten older, I've found it harder to meet people that have a chance to be in the category of BFF.
I had a friend back home that I met through setting up my BBS and having various questions. Started pinging someone int he area that had a big BBS and after chatting about various settings and what not we figured it'd be easier if we just met and he showed me on his BBS. That was... geeze 24 years ago? Lotta good times were had with that circle of friends. If I sit and think about the shit we did, I'm kinda surprised I'm alive and have all my fingers and toes *grin*. We've grown apart and hardly talk anymore though. Kind of a bummer, but good memories :)

wirecutter said...

Yeah Angel, I have something to add:
Was all that new age bullshit some sneaky redheaded way to fuck with me about being from California?

Anonymous said...

I think "TRIBE"comes closest to summing it may squabble and spat, but no one from another tribe better jack with one of you without reckoning on the other......

vaquero viejo

hiswiserangel said...

What was that, oh sparkly Fairy Blogfather?

wirecutter said...

That's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy both blogs, they are definitely NOT the same but compliment each other. Always read them both first thing in the morning, starts my day off right.

I do have a question tho, Has there been any consideration of Wirecutter doing a meet and greet with Angel and family (maybe even a layover) during his upcoming easterly migration? Inquiring minds want to know.

God Bless you both,
MSG Grumpy

East Of The Pecos said...

I've been wondering the same thing as MSG Grumpy. My motives are purely selfish, though, as I'm down here on the Border. In Texas terms, that's close enough for a day trip on the motorcycle. I could meet two Blog Heroes in one shot.

Phil said...

If you have been reading their back and forths for any length of time you almost get the impression that they are Big brother and Little sister.
Always picking at each other in a typical sibling sort of way.
It's highly entertaining at times and yes, both are daily reads.