Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday afternoon Netflix

Before I die, I want to meet the person(s) who categorizes movie genres on Netflix. Just scrolling lazily through "Romantic Movies" turned up the following:

Not bad, a legitimate comedy if a little cheesy.
And then there was this little gem:

The true crime story of how a nice freaky Mormon boy
meets a sex freak girl who rocks his world but falls in love with him
only to find he only thinks of her as a disposable slut
so she stabs him 27 times, almost decapitates him and shoots him in the head.

Next up:

A sweet coming-of-age movie about a teenage girl
who discovers her vagina has teeth 
after biting off more than she can chew.

So, what shall it be? Cheesy? Murder? Or What-the-fuck?


Critter said...

Obviously I don't know how to search Netflix.

Critter said...
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Anonymous said...

ummm.,think I'll opt for "Debbie does the dishes" (no, really, there is a flick by that name)......

vaquero viejo