Thursday, August 27, 2015

I did that once

I wasn't cooking dinner. Who cooks dinner in a pressure cooker?
But I did blow one up with 3 jars of strawberry jam.
Kitchen looked like a Manson crime scene.


millerized said...

Tsarnaev family kitchen?

Critter said...

Looks like the pressure relief valve didn't relieve.

Anonymous said...

A pressure cooker or for that matter, a pressure canner, is not a difficult tool to learn to use. Then again, I'm probably classed as a terrorist with an arsenal because I have 3.


Jesse in DC said...

That was the BIG relief valve going off..

Anonymous said...

I'll bet someone got tired of the pressure relief valve whistling and jammed a screw in it so they could nap.

If you have really tough meat such as from an old moose, a pressure cooker is the way to go.


Anonymous said...

Pressure cooking turtle meat to de-bone it works very well.

Tough meats, etc.

There's lots of cook books out there for pressure cookers.


Anonymous said...

That looks more like a pressure canner than cooker.


Anonymous said...

On the plus side, the coffee pot survived.

Robbie in Pittsburgh

Sarthurk said...

My wife loves to can, but is very afraid of that very thing. She'll watch that thing for about 99 minutes of a 100 minute load of albacore...unless she has to pee, and I'm home. then she gets a 3 minute break. That is, if she trusts me for that long.

Apparently she's known personally, two folks that have died in canner explosions.

Country Boy said...

My wife worked in claims at State Farm back in the 60's. She saw all the horror stories of exploding pressure cookers detailed in the claim forms. She refuses to own a pressure cooker.