Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I can't find my funny

This was supposed to be my glory week. Spouse on the road, chicks back in school, and me? Doing all the shit I couldn't get done for the past two weeks with crappy weather and everybody under foot.
No, not exactly glamorous, more utilitarian, but at least some peace and quiet. I had actually scheduled some ME time to sit on the couch, stare into space and quietly drool. But NO. Not for me.

Mom's knee replacement surgery got moved up a week to yesterday morning, so I've been back and forth to the hospital, relieving Poppy who's coming down with a nasty case of probably bronchitis. Mom, always a trooper, is enjoying being waited on hand and foot. She's something of a celebrity in our neck of the woods, writing scathingly witty letters to the editor taking both sides of the political spectrum to task. She's really found her voice in the last few years, garnering fans, mortal enemies, and one creepy ass stalker that left rebuttal letters in Crayon in their mailbox. I can't tell you how many times we've been out together, and she'll get approached with, "Aren't you Mary from the newspaper letters?" She's learned to be cautious in her response until she discovers if they're fans or not. So far, three nurses, her surgeon and her anesthesiologist are all fans. When I'm with her, I'm not Angel,Queen of the Blogs; I'm merely Mary's daughter. Humph.

So, one more day and they're kicking her out on Thursday. I'll go help Poppy move her back in the house, got a few steps to navigate, and get her settled in for recovery. I think they're opting for Home Health physical therapy since the weather has taken a turn for the nasty. Neither one of them needs to be out driving or walking in this weather.

But in the meantime, the blog is suffering from lack of attention. I look for pics and articles and just can't seem to find my funny. Sorry about that. But I did manage to find a Reese's peanut butter cup in the couch cushions when I was looking for my phone, so I have that going for me. Yes I ate it, don't judge me.


Anonymous said...

You missed a space between the comma after Angel and the Q in Queen of the blogs.
Hope you enjoyed the peanut butter cup.

Anonymous said...

Letter written in Crayon? I once got a cover letter for a job I was hiring for submitted in pencil crayon. The guy explained why he needed the job. The feed lot he was working at paid $5 and hour less than we were offering to start and he had been there 5 years. He owed money on his trailer and he was supporting his wife who was pregnant with his kid; her two kids from a previous relationship and living with them was his girl friend who was also pregnant with his kid and she had one from her previous relationship. He said with all those mouths to feed he really needed the money.

Given that I live in a town with under 1000 people, that was too much info about one of my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

fret not, Wise Angel One,super mom and unmatched parental caregiver, this loyal crew will blunder on til you can make it back to whup us into shape......

vaquero viejo

Roy said...

",,,Reese's peanut butter cup in the couch cushions..."

Still in the wrapper, I hope.

pigpen51 said...

Judge you for a peanut butter cup? are you kidding me. I have picked the fuzz of a dropped peanut butter cup from behind the couch a month after Easter and eaten it.

Anonymous said...

Angel, do not worry about your blog....do want you need to do...what you have to do....and smile.

bison guy

Angel eyes said...

I prescribe that you watch the movie "City Slickers", that'll pep ya up.


rickn8or said...

Good thoughts your way for Mom's recovery.