Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Never say never

When we lost Charlie, I swore I'd never get another dog.
When we got Max, I swore he'd spend every night in the laundry room.
When I realized he was going to sleep in my room, I swore he'd never get on the bed.

Oh, and that's his doggy bed ON my bed that he's
using for a pillow.


Sarthurk said...

You moron. Just like me! When my wife got the Nazi dachshund, we kept him in the mud room at night. Until we didn't. Now I sleep somewhere other than the where I used to. Fine. There's a whole 'nother bedroom that is nice, quiet, and dark. Besides, I can't sleep still, as there's no way to satisfy all my F'd up body parts at the same time. I get maybe 20 minutes of sleep before I have to move. On a rare occasion, I will sleep through the night.
I really should go back to bed now. I discovered there is no sausage or bacon thawed out now. Well then. In 4 hours, I'll make breakfast. The dachshund will approve.

J Bogan said...

Funny how some little critters move in and take ownership of all they see, including the two leggers...

pigpen51 said...

Never. My first date with my wife, I told her " I am never getting married again. Of course, never is a long time. "
She said she knew right then we were going to get married.

Robert Fowler said...

We sleep with 2 mini dachshunds and a Boston terrier. And usually a cat.

Lisa Lane said...

I had never had a pet till CGD...and we bonded immediately...but sleep in the way..he is then along comes Legal Lucy...and you are correct J Bogan...SHE took over the 2 legged creatures of this domicile...and she owns us proudly...she sleeps in bed with us...when Ken is gone..sometimes Charlie will jump in the bed with Luce and I....and sometimes all four of us are in the bed ruff Never thought I would see the day, but then I didn't think I would ever marry again either.