Sunday, May 1, 2016

This was normal for me growing up

Everyone had tornado/root cellars, and large pantries.
Well stocked, beautifully organized.
I remember one of my great aunts who was slightly OCD.
Her pantry was organized by color and hue.
There was an east facing window and the sun would
sparkle off the absolutely pristine Mason jars full of fruit and veggies.
No self-respecting homemaker would let a guest see a messy pantry.


Rickvid in Seattle said...

Many years ago I worked for a big Methodist church in Baltimore. An older couple, whom I never met, dies within a few months of each other and left their home, with all the stuff in it, to the church. The stories I could tell you... Anyhow, there were mason jars of preserved plums in the basement that had been there for over 70 years. We opened one and, well, no good, as expected. But, yep, there was that time when people were prepared. As a side, we found a Form 1040 from the '20s. Yep, a small postcard. AAs I recall, it was how much you made, deductions for kids, pay X% on that total, within a small range. Ah, for those days...

Unclezip said...

Oooops! I'm looking at my three messy pantries. Oh, well. Just add it to the list of retirement jobs.