Saturday, April 30, 2016

Miss Lisa retaliates

I knew I wasn't going to get away with it. But I tried.

synchronized selfies


pigpen51 said...

I hope that I am the first one to say it. There are two beautiful ladies in the same state. Kenny is lucky to have a wife and a friend who get along this well. And he better hope they never turn on him, because I am sure that you both could take him individually in a fair fight, and together, when the fight would most certainly not be fair? All I'm saying is he better learn great manners from those Tennessee people.
Seriously, though, I am so glad you all got together before they went east. Here's hoping it happens again soon. Stay sane until then.

drjim said...

Them's a couple of REAL WIMMEN there!

Anonymous said...

DAMN, I want autographs on this pic!! My kind of ladies!!

vaquero viejo

Unknown said... need to keep in mind....I took a whole lot more photos than you did....and I just feel like I was challenged....Accepted babe!

Anonymous said...

Angel! Too bad my wife and I were in Amarillo too soon!!! Would have liked to have met Lisa and Kenny!

Best regards,
Texas Attorney

Anonymous said...

Best friends for Life. Thanks for the picture - pretty women !

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture. Thanks for that.