Saturday, September 3, 2016

KTKC: Well, hot damn!

Those of you who have already donated need to do this IMMEDIATELY.
And if you haven't put a ten spot in the pot yet, 
this may sweeten the deal.

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When you get your receipt, send it to Dennis at
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How awesome would it be to tell your buddies you got it for $10?

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Go get your prostate poked, ya big pussies.


Unclezip said...

I'll do it, but I will no longer let a doctor diddle me (I was told by my own Dr. - now retired - that you can learn a lot more about your patient by listening, rather than violating. Smart man).

Granny said...

Just do it and don't be a pussy.

Sarthurk said...

I did it. They couldn't feel anything. No symptoms at all. PSA blood test revealed a level of 10! I was 52yrs old then. Two weeks later, it was 12. Off to the Urologist. You think a digital exam is bad, try having a biopsy! The take little core sample of the prostate, through the rectum! Yeah, Hoo Boy!
Two months later the damn thing is removed. I got lucky, no incontinence issues.
three years later the PSA started going back up. Five days a week for 8+ weeks to the rad center. Twenty minutes of getting nuked, while having to make a 110 mile round trip drive to get there and back.
8 months later the PSA level is nearly gone. Doctor doesn't want to see me until 1/2017.
FUK! Then my wife finds out she has breast cancer. Same shit, different program. She's got three more RAD treatments next week. Her prognosis is AWESOME!
Life's a Bitch, then you die.

Anonymous said...

I self-identify with that cat - it's no fun, but someone has to stick a finger up your ass, may as well be a doctor.

Papa Ed.

JNorth said...

Ugh, that is coming up in another couple years. I refer to it as the Star Trek test, going where no man has gone before.

jeff campbell said...

Been there had it and did the radiated seeds. PSA is below 1 now.

Anonymous said...

more(good lookin) lady docs in that area= more men tested....just sayin.....

vaquero viejo

(what, you wouldn't let Cheryl Tiegs stick her finger up your ass??)

rickn8or said...

Sarthurk, jeff campbell, I've had that softball-full-of-needles up my ass too, and have had the oncologist and urologist playing "Battleship" on my prostate. Four-and-a-half years later, I'm "still below 1"

vaquero viejo, my first finger-wave (at age 35) when I was a young and virile Navy Aircrewman was by a young and very attractive lady Flight Surgeon.

A finger-wave is a minor indignity; crying like a pussy at a blood draw is humiliating.

TinCan Assassin said...

Does this handkerchief smell like chloroform to you?