Saturday, February 15, 2014

My thoughts on the III

Earlier this week, there was a verbal exchange, a dust-up if you will, on Facebook between two factions (for lack of a better word) of the III community. I started this post that night, but that little voice in my head that keeps me from chasing down idiots on I-40 and beating them with a tire iron told me to sit on it for a few days. Time and clarity are my friends.

In January, I had an article published in III Magazine about some of the basic concerns "outsiders" have about the III community. Negativity, -isms and a certain closed-off attitude are the three biggies. But this post is going to be about negativity. I basically feel if you have time to troll other people's blogs and hack and snipe, and THEN go to another site and snipe behind the other person's  back, you've got too much time on your hands. That's time better spent getting your own shit together. Days later, this still pisses me off and this may be a jumbled ass mess. Bear with me.

First, let me state my position; my personal identity in the Patriot community. I'm not a III% in the true sense of the term. My age, gender and position as the cute chicks sole protector and provider when SHTF will prevent me from standing with the III on the Green. I consider myself part of the X%, if you will. I will offer comfort, aid, and support to the III Patriots in whatever way I'm able. I will tend to the wounded and dying, feed, clothe and care for as many Patriots as I'm capable of doing while still tending my girls. They will always come first for me. And yes, I have had "the revelation". I will fight until I run out of ammo and options; and I have made the hard decision about what to do with the cute chicks. I know they won't survive without me, and I will NOT allow the government to make that decision. Anyway, this is why you'll never see me sign off with a III or put it after my name. I have too much respect for the men (and women) who will actually serve in that capacity to puff myself up with that designation.

Now, my beef. I've spent the last, geez, almost two years? Time flies. Anywhoo, two years of observing and talking to various Patriots from Kerodin and Wirecutter to a lot of y'all who've become family to me. I've talked to others, both through blogs and on FB, branching out into the wide world of Patriot and III. What I've discovered is that you can tell who's had "the revelation" and who is still on their personal playground in their mind going "pew pew pew". Those who are serious and those who are playing Tyrants and Patriots.

The serious ones are too busy making preparations, planning, scouting, training, organizing, networking, and building to troll. They are too focused on the Coming Storm to hunt down and shit on other Patriots. They are the ones who realize that there are many paths to the same destination; and if someone chooses a different path headed to the Green, then God speed and we'll see you there. The serious Patriots know that every able bodied person is needed in the coming fight and to try to tear them down because they don't think EXACTLY like "we" do is counterproductive. This is where my Libertarian streak comes through. Different does not mean "wrong". If something another Patriot does, believes or practices does not march in lockstep with what you do/believe/practice, that does not make them wrong. And it does NOT give you the right to try and stop them, by words or deeds. If some one's path is about to take them over a cliff, yeah, you might want to point it out to them; but it's ultimately up to that person to change their direction. Not yours.

People on the fringes are watching and listening to everything we do and say. Patriots who are out there looking for other Patriots are watching and listening. Whether they decide to back us depends on what they see in us. Are we showing our best face? Or are they seeing a bunch of petty, bitchy backbiting little cuntcakes too self-absorbed with their own importance in the III community to come together in a strong coalition, a cohesive fighting force? When you post, comment, Facebook, tweet or any other "public" form of communication, what impression are you giving? Are you showing the face of a Patriot who's made the decision, or are you showing the face of a poser who's worried about his "place in history"? Frankly, some of the stuff I read makes me want to weep for our future. Make no mistake, this isn't a Call of Duty game, this is real. When it drops, blood will flow and Patriots will die. If we can't get our shit together better than this, we're truly fucked.

Now you may comment. I'm a big girl, I can take it.


Unknown said...

Honey, I've been watching you for a short time, but know you are the real deal. I'm too old to be in the front any more, but will roll bandages with you.
You would have made a good submarine sailor, and I would be proud to have gone to sea with you.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better.

I am one of those fringers, those lurkers, the ones that don't voice many opinions, and I have not been impressed with many of the posts I've seen tearing down people. I don't want to be a part of that.

I'm also one of the ones that, when the time comes, will be a dead man. Handicapped, not healthy enough to survive the rigors, yet desperately afraid for my loved ones. I prepare the best I can for them. Plan. Network with locals in my (very) rural area who think alike, and do the best that I can to assure them some sort of survival, some chance, once I am gone.

I too plan to offer what support I can to those who stand up. If only just a rest and resupply post for as long as I survive, and a note to be welcome to whatever is left once I am gone. So I guess that makes me a 10 or 15%er.

Thanks for your commentary, and your insightful views. I continue to watch, read, and explore links to others.

Now I'm back to lurking.

BrianS said...

Read you every day, rarely post. I hope when the time comes that I'm prepared enough and man enough to take a couple with me for each of you. God Bless.

JPD said...

I am one of those lurkers as well. Although I buy the III basic philosphy, I fall in the group you describe as being "cautious". The extreme views and comments are indeed the reason I have not "joined". I have made my preparations alone. My plans are based on dealing with whatever comes, "alone". I do not expect this to be optimal, nor survivable by me or my loved ones. But the III% information I have gathered does not fill me with any reasonable expectation any of the goals will be met.

catfish said...

Here I was busy celebrating Galileo Galilei 450th birthday and you just had to rain on my fun! LMAO
Well said and articulate as always. Like you I'm too old for the front lines no matter how much I want to delude myself. But I'll provide what support I can.
Never did understand nidgits who have to run down other people in order to make themselves feel better. They need put down like the mad dogs they are.
Keep up the wise words my redheaded goddess.
Now back to Galileo's birthday party!

crzydug said...

Angel, Been reading your blog for some time. I understand your position exactly. I have a 15 year old nonverbal autistic son. I cannot be "first to fight" or such. But, I will be a part of it. Plans are in place, and I will do my part. I may be a tired , broken down old man, but my kit is in order, and I don't fear the reaper. I have been near death before.

I doubt we will ever get the chance to meet on this side, but I'm sure we will on the other. Till then, God be with you and yours.

Jesse in DC said...

Well said Angel. I see the infighting too. It pisses me off.If we have a common goal, the Restoration of the Republic, we should put our differences aside for the duration. I read a LOT of III blogs in the course of an average week. I look for Ideas, Information, Knowledge, Tips, Tactics, whatever I can find to advance my abilities. I am probably too old to be an effective footsoldier, but with knowledge comes power...I can decide what written words to take to heart or to ignore. I am not a stupid man, nor are most if not all in the "community" as we choose to call ourselves. I will say this, if we do not want to be seen as a fringe outside the mainstream movement, we need to cut the infighting out. None of us has to like each other, but for Christ sake, stopped clocks are right twice a day. Almost all of us has some skill that another of us can benefit from learning. I Am located far behind enemy lines. I have a very small "tribe" of people that I really trust to have my back under any circumstance. But that does not stop me from gaining info where ever I find it. Come on guys, grow up. We have a common enemy who would like nothing more than to watch us destroy ourselves...Someone once said when you find your enemies fighting themselves, don't stop them. Don't let our cause perish at each others hand.

Sorry for the long rant

Anonymous said...

You've nailed it. I'm in a similar position to you, where I'm not in a position to be more than the X% and help with things other than being on the Green. I'll help as I can, but with the little people, they are what I have to focus on. I'm not afraid to help others, feed them, etc. It's going to get interesting really soon, and I only hope the Patriot Community can get it pulled together and be cohesive. Hopefully the end goal is in everyone's sights and the issues can be resolved.

Btw, you're so much more eloquent than I am, but you said what I think perfectly.


wirecutter said...

I agree with most of what you're saying - our egos do get in the way - but if it wasn't for egos, there wouldn't be a III movement.

Anonymous said...

well said, I agree, I wait in silence to uphold my oath

Xenolith said...

I don't do much on facebook. Never cared for the 'social' sites, as I'm not a very social person to begin with. Abd arguments on there are all too common and all to lame most of the time.
And Angel, you ARE one of the three. Yer like Super III Mommy! I don't believe the 3% are only those who shoot. I believe the 97% are those who will do NOTHING to keep their liberty.

Anonymous said...

Well said!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Those who demand ideological purity are people who will become the very monster we are supposed to be fighting

The best thing to do is ignore them and find people who are more libertarian

Sdv1949 said...

Lots of us old farts around here. Mostly we agree, take an honor guard.

hiswiserangel said...

Thanks for the love guys, I was expecting at least one asskicking.

And wc, you know what I meant. There's a difference between the earned ego of a Free Man and the hollow ego of a callow youth and the false ego of a poser.

Anonymous said...

"Do not tell secrets to those whose faith and silence you have not already tested."

Wraith said...

The "X%" are just as important, if not more so. Ain't a war ever been won without logistical support.

You've laid it out just fine, Angel. Many's the time I've wanted to tell a couple of big players in the movement "Will you both please just STFU about each other and do your own damn part?? I don't give a shit who said what about who, this ain't a junior high popularity contest!" If we don't focus on our common goal instead of getting all butthurt over minutia, we are doomed before we start.

Well said, darlin'. Well said indeed.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

The bottom line is that not all men/women are destined for the quest of personal liberty. Unfortunately many WANT government to make the everyday decisions for them. When the SHTF we will know who is who Angel. True III%ers will become known at that time, not before. Great post Lady.

ravinglawyer13 said...

I could feel the full retard coming when I started reading your post. I was waiting for it, dreading the moment when I would read about yet one more decent blog getting sucked into the bullshit. The finger-pointing, backstabbing and frankly, immaturity of the "leadership" in the movement is incredibly disheartening. I was ecstatic to find that me and the others here in VA were not the sole people thinking the way we were. Then it became tit for tat and whose got the biggest patriot dick. I no longer even discuss issues on several other blogs, because discussion presupposes the willingness of the other party to hear an opinion other than his. Echo chambers will get your ass killed at some point. Understand that I don't disagree with many or even the vast majority of the principles espoused by the III%. I'm just over the tribal infighting. I know for a fact I'm not the only one who has been turned away because of it. The usual retort is that people like that aren't "patriot" enough, whatever that is supposed to mean. In pragmatic terms, what it means is that you lose that person, and get a bad reputation from everyone that person knows. Bad PR spreads like the worst VD imaginable. Untold numbers of rifles have been turned away by this bullshit and it's fucking tragic. I dare to wonder if the crucial threshold of public support is never met and we slip into tyranny without a whimper, if it was because people were to busy comparing AR-15's and shitting all over anyone who disagreed to every bother to act like adults and put petty shit aside. Accept my sincerest congrats on not falling prey to the false dichotomy set up by so many. I wish people would realize that if losing one guy in VA translates into realistically a dozen or more friends, cops, firefighters, EMS and colleagues(yeah, imagine a JUDGE who wouldn't sign a no-knock warrant or give you a heads up on asset there), how many is that amplified across the nation? Food for thought...

R.R. said...

You can call yourself an "X-percenter" or whatever you like, but from the interactions I've had with you, I know without a doubt, you are as much a III percenter as most men I've encountered. You have earned my respect and admiration.
"Patriots who are out there looking for other Patriots are watching and listening. Whether they decide to back us depends on what they see in us." You couldn't be more spot on with that statement. When I was first introduced to this "movement" I was very hesitant about trying to meet others because I could see from the start that there were some folks who cared only for themselves. Fortunately, I had at least one very strong patriot who led me in the right direction. Keep up the good work.
Joshua Rowe III

Spud said...

What, Chief Nose Wetter said...
The loudest shall be incarcerated by their oppressors long before SHTF.
The silent majority, are always the winners in any long struggle....

JeremyR said...

I'm not sure where I fall in the mix. Too old and beat up to charge with the infantry. too darn fat for the cav, and too dang ornery to sit back and watch. I know that I will fight and die for GOD and liberty rather then be led with a hook in my mouth.
To whom much is given, much is expected. I will give my all.

Craig M said...

I feel you. I prep, have armed and trained my family, networked on a couple of different levels. I cannot be considered III though, because until it's time to step off the porch in a meaningful way, I still try and interact in the political process by voicing my opinions inside the system and voting now matter how futile some think it is. That being said, I support the III community and respect the members I have interacted with and agree with most of what I read and see until people start the penis measuring contests.

Anonymous said...

Even this is more than many of us silent ones want to expose ourselves. Until the time comes the 3% won't realize just how much support they have.

Leigh said...

Amen, Angel.

I'm with RavingLawyer on this one. The III% movement isn't about posturing; its about restoring our Republic. No amount of dick-shaking, or who's got the coolest toys is going to accomplish anything but scorn from the public at large. I make no claims, as to what I will do when shit goes hot, because no-one knows. At least damn-few know for sure. I sure as hell am not looking to make myself a martyr, or a foot-note in history. I will do, however, what I have to. THAT, is my only claim.

History is full of men, and women, that have been thrust upon by circumstance and shouldered loads that no human has ever been called upon to bear. They did not seek fame, fortune, or glory for their efforts. They picked up the mantle because it needed to be done. These are the people that history looks back upon with favor.

Deeds. Not words, my friends.

Whitehall, NY

CB said...

Qualifications to be III:

The conversation went like this:
"Babe, look, the idea here is sight alignment, sight picture, breathe, squeeze, follow through."

"Sorry, it isn't working. I'm all over the target."

"Ok. My instruction was incomplete. First instruction should have been: Mindset.
With the new word added to the others, you'll get it."

"Define Mindset Marshall Dillon."

"Mindset is like....Some creep is about to abduct one of your children and this gun is in your hand."

"Oh....Ok. I think I understand."

Thirty minutes later with brass covering the ground:
"Very good Annie Oakley. The X-ring is completely shredded. What made the difference?"


The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

"...a bunch of petty, bitchy backbiting little cuntcakes too self-absorbed with their own importance in the III community to come together in a strong coalition, a cohesive fighting force?"

Well, you've just described in a nutshell most revolutions in the 20th and 21st centuries - bunches of little groups squabbling among themselves. Though the "most cohesive force" often wins, there's much to be said for a bunch of little guys kicking at the big one until he leaves, so that they can go back to fighting each other. Afghanistan and Iraq are more the rule, Vietnam was more of an exception.

Empires don't last. They eventually break down into smaller, more socially solid groups. But the more the central government holds on, the uglier the eventual breakup will be.