Thursday, July 16, 2015

And totally lost on the Left


Dave In Indiana said...

HEH, the irony behind that is it will become the progtards new symbol of rebellion. I can't wait to see occutards wearing Guy Fawkes masks waving Confederate battle flags on the news!

Angel eyes said...

I predict a confederate flat T-shirt with the Che Garbanzo pic superimposed on it.
Print those and overcharge for them. Hipsters (spit) will line up for miles.

Stretch said...

I got mine! Four actually.

skybill said...

Just wait till Sunday, I am going to Skydive at Gold Coast. I "always fly my "JollyRoger" flag under canopy (His Majesty The Reaper's Royal Scribe, 'Sammy Skull") tryin' to tell these extreme divin' death lurkers that my boss is "always" on the prowell!! Sunday, above the "'Roger" will be the Confederate Battle Flag of Virginia!!" The one we all have now began to LOVE!!! I'll let you know the outcome?? It will be in Mississippi so I "Doubt" any Problems. Liberals will be dealt with!!
God Bless Jefferson B. Davis and the C.S.A.,
Got Gunz.....OUTLAW??!!!,

Anonymous said...

The Black market, or as I like to refer to it... the Free Market.

Ragnar said...

A good read.