Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If I'd had a cell phone growing up

I have been left behind at many of the finer establishments in the Southwest.
Once, when I was 10, they left me at a Stuckey's in Tulsa for two hours.
That means they were an hour down the road before they discovered me missing.
Trials of the Quiet Kid.


Anonymous said...

It was Oklahoma. They might have noticed after 30 minutes but had to keep driving looking for a place to turn around. Then wondering WHICH Stucky's

Cederq said...

Or having 6 other siblings in the car will also cause you to be left behind if you are not careful, the other 6 think with one less kid they will get more stuff and love so they keep quiet in hopes you forget...

Alien said...

Sometimes in large families they do it deliberately as a caution to the other kids.

When they come back, get you, and 50 miles later you realize your brother isn't in the car it tends to make the rest of you more respectful.