Friday, July 17, 2015


This should never have happened, 
and it should never happen again. 

If you can't read it:
Skip: Can't wait anymore.
Caroline: Yes you can honey.
Caroline: You are so weird.
~hours of silence~
Caroline: I love you.
~more hours of silence~
Caroline: Hon, I need you to answer me please.

Stories from all the slain Marines HERE.


pigpen51 said...

I don't know about everyone else, but I have had enough of this and I expect that if the government doesn't let our military start carrying firearms on duty, we are going to have to get somewhat up in their faces about this. My son is in the navy, on the east coast, and I am concerned about his safety, not on foreign waters, but here on our own soil, how ridiculous is that?
They better not wait 6 months to do something either. Just saying.

Heroditus Huxley said...

And here I thought I was already rage-y enough. This...this proved me wrong.

There are some cities that have armed civilians standing guard--visibly standing guard--over our forcibly disarmed soldiers. This is beginning to strike me as an excellent idea.

Steve said...

I want to say something - but I can't even put into words how furious I am with our government, our out of control PC society, and the complete breakdown - worldwide - of being able to control the two legged animals that are complete evil.

I want to say Rest in Peace, Marines.

Rest In Peace.

SunwolfNC said...

I was going to close the window without posting because I didn't' know how to say what I wanted to, but Steve did it for me.

Well said.

Jesse in DC said...

It's getting fucking crazy... In DC, the armed for her protection, police chief, and the security detail protected mayor do everything they can to block armed civilians, including defying court orders. Pussy Klintoon disarmed the Military bases, and now his hag of a wife wants to be president. And then we have the fucking current President... Won't say a word about the white girl, shot by one of his beloved invaders, with a gun from an "only one". Moar gun control right?? I think We, the People are getting to the point where we are more concerned with protecting ourselves, and our fellow citizens, than we are worried about having a cop bust us for carrying anyway...CCP in Md, and DC is pretty much an impossibility, unless you are connected. Point is, once folks disregard words on a paper, the control grid begins to crumble. Why should we accept we need a permission slip from ANYONE to exercise the right of self defense? Shit like this happening in MY COUNTRY is unacceptable. Yet they are importing more Muslims as refugees, by the hundreds of thousands...Who authorizes this shit? On what basis are we supposed to take in millions of people whose religion makes it mandatory for them to kill us when they can?? Enough dammit, enough.

Volfram said...

You want to know what's really crazy? The anti-gun crowd are already trying to use this incident to push MORE gun control.

That's right, the incident that only happened because of laws *they* forced into place, and they want to use it to force *more* of that garbage down our throats.

A military base should be the last place that a spree shooter can get away with going into. It shouldn't have to be protected by guards. It should be protected by every man or woman stationed on that base, but thanks to the anti-gun parasites, nobody is less protected, less capable of defending themselves against violence, or more PRONE to encountering violence than our own military.

riverrider said...

they gave me an m16, a squad of troops with same, explosives, direct access to artillery and billion dollar attack aircraft with very big bombs yet they not only don't trust me to go armed here, they actively use the va to try to take my right to self defense. frack 'em, i carry anyway.

rickn8or said...

This makes the second time. There are similarities...

riverrider, I know exactly what you mean. Twenty-two years in the Navy. Trusted with and around nukes and conventional explosives, multi-million dollar aircraft, crypto equipment and crypto keylists. Security clearance was "Cleared for Ridiculous." Now I can't go aboard the nearest base to use my commissary exchange benefits, because my pistol makes 'em wet their pants and I refuse to go anywhere unarmed.

rickn8or said...

My bad. Here is the correct link:

Anonymous said...

Soldiers will always be killed. putting their lives on the line is one of the things that we ask of them when we ask that they stand between us and the enemy. What is unconscionable is when we ask them to do it for a lie (workplace violence) and to do it without the means to defend themselves.
I have nothing but contempt for the current Bozo in Chief, but this started long before him.

Anonymous said...

Know what the saddest part is? We the people no longer require our govt to follow the immigration laws that worked just fine for a couple hundred years. Some immigrants come here for the free shit. Some come here to build a better version of the shithole they came from like Mini Mogadishu in Minneapolis-St.Paul. Not enough of them come here to become "AMERICANS".

Allowing our country to be overrun by the lowest common denominator from dozens of third world countries has consequences. We will reap these consequences for the rest of our lives.

rickn8or said...

Anonymous, not so much for an old fart like me, but my kids and grandkids are going to pay for this.