Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!

And I heard her exclaim, as she drove off with glee,
"Merry Christmas to all!
But especially to me!"

Dear Santa,

I know this will land me on the Naughty List for a long time, but WiscoDave made me do it.



Dear wirecutter,

Love you!



WiscoDave said...

Which one is Prancer?

WiscoDave said...

Actually I think is was a North Korean hack...

hiswiserangel said...

No, Wisco, we're going to own it and face the music. Pull up your big boy pants, and Merry Christmas!

(And I think Prancer is 2nd from the front on the left.)

Kim Jong-un said...

Melly Chlissmiss, Wilecuttel, you plick!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the sleigh has a drain plug.


Unknown said...

Love it.
Merry Christmas all

WiscoDave said...

Yep, Terry. "Santa" Angel is smart like that.

DoubleTroubleTwo said...

Merry Christmas Eve Angel! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Awesome thread!

Merry Christmas to Angel and the Cute Chicks!!


North Texan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
North Texan said...

Merry Christmas Angel.

Critter said...

Merry Christmas, you ginger vixen, you. :)

Ian Restil said...

Nice touch with Rudolph's nose!

Hoping that the dangly jangly bits are jolly holly and not mistletoe.

Merry Christmas to all y'all!

Anonymous said...


where's the BACON

have a good one

livin to ride

Bryn said...

Ok, just sprayed my my screen with homebrew when that popped up on screen...
Looking forward to wirecutters reaction now!
It should be good, when he comes home all tired & cranky from Christmas overtime..... :)

Happy Christmas to you and those you hold dear;
Nadolig Llawen,

hiswiserangel said...

Please God, let wirecutter be too tired to even bother with checking my blog. Let me have ONE more day to bask in his good graces.


Angel eyes said...

Merry Christmas, dear heart. To you and your girls a prosperous new year.

wirecutter said...

You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I wish you two lived closer together to make my murder spree a little easier.
Fuck you too, Terry.

Anonymous said...


Not posting on WRSA

"Joining vic list in Xmas murder spree" not on the agenda this year


Merry Happy


wirecutter said...

I appreciate that, CA.

Jesse in DC said...

Man, this is a training issue. "See the hornets nest. Looks like a football... Is not a football. Bad things happen when you poke the hornets nest...So, Don't poke the hornets nest..."

Merry Christmas to all.
Jesse in DC

DoninSacto said...

Merry Christmas to you and the kids.

Morris said...

Great laugh to start off my Christmas.


Happy Christmas to you and all your readers, Angel.

Sarthurk said...

Oh gawd, I'm going back to bed. Merry Christmas, everyone.

the_botnet said...

That right there is some funny stuff. I hope wirecutter is mostly kidding about the murder spree thing... And if not at least it was worth it!

hiswiserangel said...

I changed my will today. In case of my untimely demise, wirecutter will inherit the Cute Chicks.
You hear that, wc? Anything happens to me, you're in charge of the Teen Queen and Baby Queen.


Ian Restil said...

Is he truly worthy, though? As Pat Green says, "Girls from Texas are just a little bit better."