Friday, December 19, 2014

Middle-aged soccer mom T&A

I will never understand "art".
And why did it have to be a ginger?!


Glenn555 said...

Angel, we love you. But THAT is just not right. (I agree about the "ginger" btw.)

hiswiserangel said...

Glenn, it's pretty much how most of us see ourselves. The ugly truth.

Wraith said...

Darlin', has it ever occurred to you that the Lord created us all different, and that includes different standards of beauty?

Not all men want a 12-year-old boy with a cooch and JJJ implants. Truth be told, MOST men don't want that, and if they were honest with themselves, they'd admit it.

And I have the same feeling when I tell this to my wife...that I'm trying to explain capitalism to a Marxist. You simply don't want to hear the uncomfortable truth that some people find you attractive. Why it should be uncomfortable to know that, I've no idea.

No, not all people will find you attractive, but that whole dinner plates in the lips and neck stretched to 36" high thing is big in some African countries, and I don't get how their men find that tantalizing(obviously because of my Cisgendernormative Heteropatriarchal White Privilege). Most people don't find me attractive, but I ignore them and concentrate on the ones that do.

Stop putting yourself down. You don't deserve it. At all.

hiswiserangel said...

"Cisgendernormative Heteropatriarchal White Privilege"

*hugs* That made me grin.

Anonymous said...

Even though Wraith is 100% correct, it's hard to reconcile your knowing that with what you feel/see about yourself. I understand that completely. Don't beat yourself up though. Honestly, I think women should build Each other up especially considering how society/pop culture tries to tear us down over xyz 'issue' and make us feel worthless or like we're not enough.


hiswiserangel said...

CM, I whole-heartedly agree. A girl fights for status and place. A woman helps and nurtures other women to find their place and status.
I'm just having a difficult transition from young hottie to wise old crone, facing that time of my life where things change and my place shifts.
And I'm having a REALLY bad hair day.

hiswiserangel said...

"You simply don't want to hear the uncomfortable truth that some people find you attractive. Why it should be uncomfortable to know that, I've no idea."

I've been thinking about this, and I think it's the knowledge that y'all's fantasy and my reality have a bit of a disconnect. For whatever reason, you've built a fantasy image of Angel that doesn't correlate with my actual presence. And probably the fear that if the two ever collided, it would be uncomfortable for everyone. So I prefer to preserve the fantasy image as much as possible. In short, no real pics.

Jesse in DC said...

The uh... Statue reminds me of a song..."I like big butts,...."

Jesse in DC

Angel eyes said...

To me it's the amount of love in a woman.
I could elaborate and ramble but I'm too tired and drunk to make sense.
I would love to take a piss on that scrawny bitch's token to her low self esteem, though.

Anonymous said...

I understand about shifting places and transitions, then needing to figure out how you fit into it all. It happens to me every few years, or so it seems. The. I have to figure out life again.

Good luck on figuring out your place in the scheme of things. I'm rooting for you to totally kick butt and take names!

-CM, who totally wears her hair in a bun all winter long to avoid as many bad hair days as possible. Or because I'm lazy. Not sure which!