Sunday, December 21, 2014

Yeah, pretty much THIS

Friday night, my body tried to eliminate itself through my gut and mouth. This has been the WORST season for sickness in the Angel household. We've been passing it around like a 20-year-old fruitcake. I've lost 19 pounds in the month of December, 5 pounds Friday night and Saturday morning alone. My back, chest and tummy muscles feel like they've been stretched out and beaten like an old rug. Breathing is a new adventure in pain. You ever puke so hard, you gasp for air and suck puke up into your nasal cavity? My head felt like fire for a few hours. About 4 a.m yesterday, I was praying for death.

The Cute Chicks are now down with it. Not as bad for them as their last bout, but still not Merry. I'm pushing fluids and vitamin C. We were supposed to make Christmas cookies and candy this weekend, but I'm pretty sure that's a wash. Plans are to pack up and head for my folks' for Christmas Eve, but it all depends on who hasn't died yet. I haven't heard from them yet, I'm hoping they've been spared. 

So yeah, have a Christmas, y'all.


Jesse in DC said...

"Times are tough, times are hard. Here's you F#@*&^% Christmas card..."

Jesse in DC

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this, get well soon. -Boone

Jesse in DC said...

Remember, our beloved pResident brought in untold hundreds of thousands of un vaccinated disease vectors this year, and spread them throughout our communities. And I bet Texas has more than most. Thanks Obama!!

Yeah, get well soon
Jesse in DC

Unknown said...

Hope everyone is "the Angel household" feels better soon... And yeah, have a Christmas, too! =P

Bobo the Hobo said...

When your hair hurts and you are praying for death, you are certifiably sick. Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all feel better or at least less bad soon. In the mean time, here is my Christmas card.


wirecutter said...

You're not alone.
I've been sick most of last week, haven't even been able to keep broth down. Three days without food. I lost what was left of my ass.

hiswiserangel said...

Damn, sorry to hear about your ass, wc. *hugs*
I've been living on ginger tea and gatorade.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, sorry. Sounds like what we had at the beginning of November. I lost 10 lbs in less than 2 days and couldn't ear hardly anything for a week. That's always fun while nursing. /sarcasm

I feel for you though. I hope you and the cute chicks recover well and get over this for good.

Wirecutter should be able to find his ass if he's better in time for Christmas Dinner.


Rebecca said...

I know exactly what you're going through. I have been that way but not this year ...yet. But, you must always look on the bright side. There will be no need for post Christmas dieting. Chance are good for a bit lower blood pressure. AND now that you have been through death warmed over, the rest of the winter will not seem so bad.

Get well soon.