Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Work Ethic: Rock and Roll edition

Watching The History of the Eagles documentary on Netflix (having serious heart palpitations over 1974 Glenn Frey, yowza!), and Timothy B. Schmit talked about his time after they broke up, playing for different artists and bands including Twisted Sister, and just hustling. I mean, here's a man who played with an iconic band at it's zenith, and instead of wallowing and bitching, he got out and worked at anything and everything he could find. My favorite quote of the whole 3 hours:

"It's not all going to be the greatest thing in the world, but if you can work and support yourself and your family, it's good." 

What the hell happened to that kind of work ethic?


Anonymous said...

Entitlements and common core type educational standards happened. :(


Bikermailman said...

Then there's the whiny little twits today, demanding (demanding, I tell you!) to delay finals because something that never happened. Ace's place has a good link about a snowflake at Oberlin (Lena Dunham's college) demanding finals delays to a professor. Big ol long explanation why it should be. He gave a one word answer, one minute later. "No." She reported him to the administration, and included a Trigger Warning, for violence in his response.