Monday, May 27, 2013

I should make this a game...

First person to identify ALL the couture designers will win a special WarriorAngel prize package. 
But then I'd have to figure out what to put in said package. Hmmmmm...


Angel eyes said...

Not even risking my man card over this one! I'm out.

hiswiserangel said...

Hey rpm, you chicken, why does knowing designers' logos put your man card at risk? I know guns, nobody is threatening to revoke my ovaries.

Paladin said...

Dolce and Gabbana
Louis vuitton
Juicy Couture (I think)

Gimme :)

hiswiserangel said...

Dammit Paladin! I didn't think anybody would get Burberry! Shit, now I have to come up with a Super Special WarriorAngel prize.

Any hints, Paladin? Suggestions? Requests?

Angel eyes said...

How about a weekend in the Castro district of San Francisco?

Anonymous said...

Honey my wife won't let me lay out the Munchkins clothes, she swears that I'm color blind(Whadda you mean hellcat blue, pink, purple and green don't go together?)---Ray

Paladin said...

Victory is its own reward :)

As far as a Man Card is concerned, I'm pretty sure I can slap a Hello Kitty sticker on my K31 and still put three in someone's noggin at 100 yards :)

hiswiserangel said...

~runs to put baking ingredients away~

As you wish, Paladin. ;-)

Texas Men: can still take you out with a Hello Kitty rifle.

rpm, you opted to not play, therefore you have no say in the prize package. However, I will file that suggestion away for you should you win a future contest. ;-)

Angel eyes said...

I love you, too. ;)

WiscoDave said...

I'm still looking up couture...

RabidAlien said...

Heh. No man-card violations are invoked if the tool in question is several orders of magnitude greater than the violation done to it. You can paint an M1Abrams neon pink with chrome spinners, and its still a farking tank! "Laugh. Go ahead. I've got HE loaded."

Corollary: strapping a deer (or herd of deer) across a Prius will in no way make up for the fact that you are, indeed, driving a Prius.

JeremyR said...

Meh, I saw the pic, and all I thought was typical woman, gotta have a designer rifle for every outfit.
Whereas us guys, well, we have one outfit, and a hundred rifles to go with it.

James Butler said...

I'm with WiscoDave?
What the heck is couture again?

The Steel Ibeam said...

Burberry was the easy one and it didnt even have the name on it.
In Liberty,

PS, camo or black goes with everything!

hiswiserangel said...


I figured Burberry and Juicy Couture would be the two hardest.
And of course you know them, you're married to a fashionista.


PS, mine are basic black, sleek with pearls.

Angel eyes said...

So, what if you drive over a Prius with a deer strapped to your hood, you're good?
Or, if you drive over a Prius that has a deer strapped to its hood, then what?
I've been pondering this shit all day.
At work.
I lost sleep, at work.
I need answers.

wirecutter said...

What the fuck is a couture designer?

hiswiserangel said...

Well, duh, obviously it's a person who designs coutures. Sheesh.

wirecutter said...

Oh yeah, huh?