Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Not About the Nail

This was offered by giamby in a comment on the I've Got to Try This post. It took me a while to cue it up and check it out, but oh dear, priceless. Thank you, giamby, for this classic; and ladies, sometimes it IS about the fucking nail.

I don't know how to embed from vimeo, just hit the link dammit.


stevierayv said...

It's a good one

Grand said...

Nail guns don't nail people, people nail people.

(No I didn't miss the point. Heh.)

hiswiserangel said...


Chams90 said...

Just like a lady not wanting to fix the real problem lmao

hiswiserangel said...

Don't lump us all together, Chams90.

Phil said...

Not lumping the ladies together but it is a very accurate portrayal of quite a few of the ones out there.

Also telling was the point that men always want to "fix" things.

Also accurate.

If you want to sit and complain about what is bothering you in vague terms and the fucking problem is as obvious as a damn nail sticking out of your head and you want to ignore that and concentrate on the symptoms, it drives us nucking futs because the solution is so fucking obvious.

We ain't about, "feelings".

I blame Dr. Phil, Oprah and Cosmopolitan.

Especially Dr. Phil.
I hate that sonofabitch with a white hot passion and any chance I get to throw a ding his way is a good thing for me.Even if it is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

That guy needs to surrender his man card.

giamby said...

I've seen this 6+ times now, and it never ceases to elicit a laugh.