Friday, April 11, 2014

How the West was stolen

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What is .gov's interest in owning so much of the west,
disproportionately so?
The federal land in 11 states dwarfs that of the other 39 combined.

Background Information
Sample mapSample Map
National parks, national wildlife refuges, military reservations, Federal prisons, and public-domain land are all examples of lands owned or administered by the Government of the United States. The Federal Government is responsible for managing and protecting these lands to preserve the resources of the United States, to conduct the business of the Government, and to provide recreational and other opportunities to the public. This map layer was compiled by the National Atlas of the United States®.

The Federal Lands of the United States map layer shows those lands owned or administered by the Federal Government, including the Bureau of Land Management, the Bureau of Reclamation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, theDepartment of Defense, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and other agencies. Only areas of 640 acres or more are included. Descriptive information includes the name and type of the Federal land and the administering agency. There may be private inholdings within the boundaries of the Federal lands in this map layer.

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brewerbob said...

They wanted Nevada for the production of mushroom clouds, then crater excavation along with very large bombing ranges.

Anonymous said...

So they can give it to the Chinese to pay off our debt.
I wish I was kidding.

AbbyS said...

Does this count the Indian reservations as "federal" land as well?


James Jameson said...

There's something in the mountains, and you can't have it.