Sunday, April 13, 2014

The campaign calls have started

I'm actually listening to them this year, checking how many use the words "constitutional rights", "2nd amendment rights", "limited government", blah blah blah. Same damn promises Billy Joe uses to get you to lose your lacy white panties.


Angel eyes said...

I don't know anything about any Billy Joe, but I can honestly say that I'll respect you in the morning!

Volfram said...

I was at the Colorado state assembly this weekend as one of the state delegates who gets to vote on who actually appears on the ballot.

Advice to politicians and delegates alike: If your literature is full of lip service and empty promises(Steve House), I don't like you. If your literature is biographical, reporting on your past activities and accomplishments(Mike Kopp), you'll get my support.(Steve House didn't make the cut, Mike Kopp is competing with Scott Gessler for the Republican ticket. I'm predicting Kopp will be the next governor of Colorado.)

Anybody can make an empty promise. Show me who you are with your deeds, not your words.