Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yeah, be THAT guy


Anonymous said...

That's the way my life has gone for the past 70 years. And my wife can't grasp the concept that I just don't care what other people think of me.


Gary7 said...

Thank you for posting that Angel. I really needed that this morning. It ain't easy being THAT guy, working amongst the bleating herd, don't rock the boat, 'fraidy cat crowd. Keep on rockin'. Gary7.

Anonymous said...

It was once said of me that, My brother could walk into a room take his clothes off, piss in the corner and pass out, and everyone would applaud. I on the other hand could arrive in a lemmo, wearing a 10000$ suit with a porn star on each arm giving away gold coins, and everyone would vote to hang me on sight. I have been "that" guy all my life. My wife long ago learned to NEVER let me meet new people, speak in public or go ANYWHERE near authority. I don't know if the high point of > he's an asshole< occurred when I stuck my thumb out and tried to hitch a ride with Bush I's motorcade or when I told Mitch Mc Conell he was a "stupid cunt" when asked why I wouldn't vote for him. Ether way The Wife no longer takes me "in harms way"---Ray