Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tax Day: In case you were wondering

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riverrider said...

lefty source, ain't buying it.

B said...

yeah, I ain't buyin' it either.

No mention of welfare, etc. No "entitlements" at all.

Perhaps they are hidden somewhere, but the numbers don't show it.

B said...

This looks a lot more like the truth.

I haven't verified it, but it looks more like what I remember.


Volfram said...

Well look at that.

According to B's last post, we could cut the national budget in half by abolishing entitlements.

Anonymous said...

No social security. Payouts exceeded ss taxes starting three years ago. It will be a net expense to the tax payers every year now until it collapses.

Falcon said...

I wanna cry when I see that.