Friday, June 26, 2015

Battle of the ACLU Stars

In this corner, we have wealthy urban gay couple, Blake and Tod.

Not really Blake and Tod. I don't know who these dudes are.
Could be straight as a donkey's dick.
All I know is NEVER google "happy gay couple".

In this corner we have lower middle class 
African American Muslim bakers, Yusef and Mullala.

Again, not Yusef and Mullala. Don't even know if they're bakers,
But interestingly enough, "African American Muslim couples"
brought up a LOT of pics of the Obamas.
Just sayin'.

The young lovers want Yusef and Mullala to bake them a wedding cake for their FABULOUS spring wedding. The bakers decline on grounds of religious belief against homosexuality in general. 

Who wins and why? 
Enter your arguments before the Supreme Court in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Stupid question because it never happens. When Moslems say "no", Gays acept it, go away and find a nich Christian bakery to harass.

Islamic bakeries can always play the, "I don't understand your language" card until the offensive customers give up. Christians would never lie by telling the Gays, "we are too busy, please check with our competitors".

And we don't have to wonder. There is video of a guy trying this over and over and getting the same result every time.

George Pollard said...

Does the gay couple want the confederate flag on their cake?

Sarthurk said...

If I don't want to bake you a cake, I just say, "I will not bake you a cake". I don't care who you are, Fuk off and die!".
Their lawyers can Fuk off and die too!

My grandfather made a fortune baking cakes. He immigrated from Germany and bought a bakery in Greenwich, Connecticut, the wealthiest place on earth at the time. He was a smart man.

SunwolfNC said...

It's already been shown the muslims would tell them to, literally, pound sand.
The outrage that this video spawned was amazing. In its absence...

Bikermailman said...

Echoing the others here, the gays will never push that button. They're allies (for now) in the bringing down of Western Civilization. The Leftist fools think that once it's destroyed, they'll bring the muslims around to their way of thinking. The libs will be converting to islam in droves in the not so distant future, mark my words.

Bikermailman said...

BTW, the Steven Crowder video linked above had him just playing ghey. He's pretty good, both smart and funny. Follow him on youtube if you do that sort of thing.

Wind River Ranger said...

Blake: "All our efforts paid off, we finally forced those African-American Muslim bakers to bake us a wedding cake!"

Tod: "Yes, but it tastes like shit!"

Dave In Indiana said...

Muslims claim to, by their religion, be diametrically opposed to homosexuality, but how would anyone know if they're violating their religious ethics if one of the partners is cloaked under a burka?

wirecutter said...

Fuck 'em. You don't have to conduct business you don't want to do. They're going to FORCE you to do something against your beliefs?

Wraith said...

Take off and nuke the whole thing from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

Volfram said...

It doesn't matter what arguments you present, the courts will side with the Islamic couple.

For the most part, homosexuals don't shoot up places that don't accede to their demands. Muslims have been known to do that.

Democrats are going to be losing the GBLT community as a solid voting block as a result of what happened yesterday.