Wednesday, June 24, 2015

RIP General Lee


Anonymous said...

The car is now owned by pro golfer Bubba Watson. He drove it to a tournament a year or two ago and they asked him not to do it again. They thought it too "offensive".

Cederq said...

Nah Angel, this is the flag and symbol we are going to use to rallye behind, a proper flag to be sure and quite appropriate. They set the battle, we will set the ground and the weapons.

Anonymous said...

One thing you can say about the idiots on the left, they sure do stimulate the economy! What with wussies like Amazon, Sears, and Walmart saying they won't be selling any more "Rebel" flags or other merchandise (while they still sell mass-murderer "Che" shirts!), other places are doing a great business, especially in selling Battle Flags. One vendor said they usually get only about 20 online orders in a 24-hour period, but the other day they sold 8,000 Battle Flags online in 24 hours! So now most places have a two-week waiting period to get more flags.

Also, some weaselly flag-makers said they will stop making flags, so to Hell with them! Give the business to folks who will keep making the flags!

Also also, saw a very interesting post at an online forum, saying we should all go and get bakeries to bake us some Confederate Battle Flag cakes! After all, if they can be forced to bake gay cakes, they ought to be able to have to bake a historical cake!

It is also dismaying that some Civil War battlefield parks (like Gettysburg) will stop selling items with the Battle Flag on them. A pox on them.