Monday, June 29, 2015

Dragon Leatherworks is helping Texans celebrate

We're halfway through the month, folks. Two weeks left to order your Valkyrie and show off your Texas Pride. Talk to the man, you can go as simple or fancy as you want. You might talk him into embossing a Lone Star with the III. You never know what the two of you can come up with. But the one thing you'll know for sure, you'll get a one-of-a-kind handcrafted work of art from a Patriot.

Support Patriot businesses, Fuck Obama.

From Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks:

Folks, what we're talking about is this:

A high-quality, custom work of art from a Patriot who knows his shit. There are so many options, so many different looks you can choose. From basic black to this stunner. And I imagine, if you don't want the Spartan Spear and III embossed, you can get something different. Like maybe a Lone Star.

But the point of this holster, aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, is it's pure functionality. You see, it IS a holster and it is designed to hold your 1911 securely (see wirecutter's reviews, he's smarter than I am about shit like that). It would look something like this:

Yeah, I know it's not fully seated in that pic. Dennis saw it and immediately called me, gave me a phone tutorial, and had me straightened out in no time. And that's something else about purchasing a Valkyrie holster from Dennis. You don't just get a beautiful, functional work of art from a master craftsman, you get the customer service of a man who truly cares about his customers. You don't get that from a mass produced holster.

But wait! There's more! I also purchased that beautiful 1911 .45 ACP from Dennis' Dragon's Hoard. Oh the wonders he has! And again, you don't get anonymous treatment, you get personal treatment. He'll go over the weapon you choose and make sure when you open the case and load it, you won't be disappointed.

So Texans, as we are about to reclaim another piece of our Right to Bear Arms, showcase your 2nd Amendment Right to Carry in a Dragon Leatherworks Valkyrie.


Robert Fowler said...

I need to move back to Texas.

Anonymous said...

can he make a saddle scabbard for a rifle or shotgun? wanting one for horseback hunting safaris....

vaquero viejo

DragonLW said...

Hey Anon,

Drop me an email, and I'll shoot you prices.

stoutpowers said...

I may be pushing it, but can he make custom motorcycle seats?

Thank you,

Tracy Stout

DragonLW said...

Hi Tracy,

Unfortunately, no. While a seat for a scoot is made of leather, the skillset is upholstery work, which is not something I learned to do, sorry.

B said...

If he'd reply to my emails asking about retention straps and a bot of other cutsomization,, he'd sell at least one, and maybe 4 or 5....

But repeated tries have gotten me nowhere.

Sad, that. He does nice work

Dragon said...

I've been getting loads of e-mails for copies of various project work I've done, and I do answer them all, albeit sometimes it takes a few days.

That said, I've answered e-mails with questions of retention straps for revolvers, pistols, swords, axes, knives, Apple i-Phones, and straps for sleeves for vape units. Which of the above were you inquiring about?

I've also played phone tag with folks, trying to get information out there, but my time is limited, because as a one-man shop, I can spend all day on the phone and e-mail to follow up and connect with everyone, but at some point I have to actually build the stuff for the orders that have been placed.

Sorry if your e-mail has fallen through the cracks and gone un-answered, but I can assure you that if the e-mail landed in my inbox, I've at least answered.

I've check spam folder, and there isn't anything there. QUite possible it could have gotten caught up in my e-mail filter and not even made it to me, as I do use a filter to stop alot of junk mail that comes in.

DragonLW said...


So I clicked the link to your signature (the letter B) and through your blog, found your e-mail.

I did a search on my e-mail client for your email address. It didn't come up.

Could possibly have gotten caught in my blacklist filter. If an e-mail gets used as a *spoof* addy in even one spam, my e-mail server will flush it and not even send back a notice to you, because it it compares to an internal as well as open-source blacklist of spoofed mail addy's.

Best thing to do is get the contact phone number off the website, and give a ring. Other than that, I really can't do much more on my end.

B said...

Email me at

All I am looking for is a retention strap on a Valkyrie. A simple thumb break type retention strap for a Valkyrie in plain basketweave (or similar) or even plain black for a 1911 full size and maybe for a 3" as well...

DragonLW said...


No, I don't do retention straps on the Valkyrie. Not necessary (the retention is tight as it is), not designed to accept a strap, and it detracts from the aesthetics and clean lines of the holster. Sorry.

Just check the e-mail above in my mail client. No e-mails from THAT addy either. Its not in my address book as either recieved from nor sent to.

Your mail, it seems, never got to me withe either that addy or the one from your blog.

Anonymous said...

ya know...

hate me all you want...but a discount for texans. seem to me there's lots of steers and queers in give them a discount

and ignore all the other III's

okay.....go for it

my favorite texan can always tell a texan, but you can tell him much.

DragonLW said...

Ignore all the other III's?

Huh. Maybe some of the other III's that have ordered stuff from me can weigh in? Each and every time that a III has told me that they are a reader of either Angel or WC, I've ALWAYS tossed in a freebie worth a few bucks.


Each and every time. Either a set of III coasters, or a free III embossing...something that shows I appreciate the business.

Now...if someone comes and EXPECTS something extra BECAUSE I should somehow *know* that they are a III, well then, I don't. But when they send me work and don't expect any special treatment, I always try to do better. Hell, just ask WC.

Anonymous said...

i'll just shut up...for now

btw, didya know Kansas is an open carry...and now a concealed carry (july 1st)....with no licences, permits, or tests...or BS.

no other state has that

Anonymous said...

i absolutely hate reCAPTCHA

wirecutter said...

Anon, go have your meds adjusted. You're slipping again, man.