Sunday, June 21, 2015

I've never actually bought these

But I find them all over the house.


drjim said...

Reminds of the old joke about finding one sock.

Where's the other one?

It went off to a closet to turn into a pile of coat hangers.

Anonymous said...

That is a bobby pin. I don't think, with today's hair styles, that it is used all that much, anymore.

-- Steve

RabidAlien said...

Pfft. Its a bobby pin. Used for picking locks in Fallout.

Able said...

As a good and devout Pratchettologist I know those as yet further proof of the unquestionable existence of the Goddess Anoia (the goddess of – things that get stuck in drawers). I am regularly reminded of this truth whenever I repair and rebuild anything as there are always extra fiddly bits that appear out of nowhere and I can't figure out where they're supposed to go. (socks don't count as any naturalist will tell you their life-cycle eventually includes a phase where a pair must separate, or end up biting holes in each others toe areas, and one escapees into the countryside, meets up with all the missing tea-spoons in flat, open and windswept locations like airports, matures and together produce those strange poles that, usefully, point out which way the wind blows).

As to the arcana of 'womens things', the list of ointments, potions, lotions and various miniature (apparently) torture devices I know nothing about, is endless. (Its genetic, not only does my Y chromosome prevent me from knowing, It makes me not want to know either).

Those though, as anyone who's watched any TV knows are 'for' picking locks and defusing bombs – Hey, MacGyver, the A-Team and Mission Impossible can't all be wrong.

c w swanson said...

"Robot pube." Hahahha. Sides hurting!

Volfram said...

"Never found in the same place twice" conflicts with "breed exponentially," "cannot be killed," "everywhere," "where wife has been," and "if you throw one away, 3 will take its place."(which also uses the wrong "its")

Do you never find them the same place twice, or do you find them everywhere? Make up your mind!

mostly cajun said...

I discovered that when Wife #1 caught me using one to clean out my ears, they stopped being left all over the place.


Anonymous said...

Twist it around into a spring loaded "Gotcha". Kids in New England used to do it back in the age of dinosaurs.