Tuesday, June 9, 2015

III to III: Please help the Wolf pack

Meet John and Anya Wolf and their adorable girls. Due to moving to another state for housing and job possibilities that dried up, this family has hit really hard times. John isn't able to work and has inherited the job I have which is primary caregiver to the girls. Their oldest has been diagnosed with Autism and requires full-time care. The youngest is looking to be on the Spectrum as well, on the high end with Asperger's. I can tell you, it's a long hard but very satisfying road. And very expensive.
They've fallen behind on rent in Pennsylvania, and jobs for Anya have dried up. A house in Shreveport LA is available to them with better work opportunities, and they have to the end of the month to pull together the funds needed to move. So what they're seeking is help with gas money and travel expenses to get them from Pennsylvania to Louisiana. 

They've started selling off everything they have trying to raise money themselves; it's also a matter of knowing they can't afford to move everything with them. They have a small Chevy 2-door Cavalier, so should be fairly easy on gas.

This is your typical American family, trying to keep things together in a crap economy with a special needs child. They aren't slackers, Anya is ready to work at anything she can get and John does tattooing on the side to bring in extra money. It just seems like things piled on before they could get a handle on it. I think that's typical for Patriots. We don't want to ask for help, thinking we've got it and we can just work a little bit harder, hold on one more day, and things will get better. And it seems when they don't get better, they go bad fast. We almost wait too long to ask for help. This is where the Wolf family has found themselves.

I had a little money left over from your generosity a couple months back. I was holding it in reserve to pay it forward. I couldn't think of a better place to put it. I hope y'all don't mind. If anyone in the Shreveport area has a line on job opportunities, those would also be welcome. I try not to overuse the III to III "Bat signal", I take it very seriously as I know we're all struggling right now. But I just can't ignore this case. This family needs us.

Their GoFundMe page is HERE. Anything you can add will be greatly appreciated. A dollar or two from many people adds up quickly. Prayers for their safe travels are also welcome. Bless all y'all.




DoninSacto said...

Hope that helps some. Those babies are beautiful.

Mark Jewell said...

Just sent what I could, am kinda in a bind myself, but wanted to make sure this family gets whatever help they can!

Anonymous said...

Jan, who has "Diogenes' Middle Finger", is located in S'port and may be able to point them in the right direction. It's always helpful to know a local. Just a thought.

hiswiserangel said...

I don't know Jan personally, but if any of y'all do, could you send this along?

Anonymous said...

I'll drop what I can on Friday. I've been helped before, and need to pay something forward to redeem myself. Wish I had followers on FB, but I'll post the gofundme link to my page. Ya never know. Sucks to be in that position.

Doyle said...

Able to chip in a little, hope it works out for them.

hiswiserangel said...

All of you guys rock! Seriously, I've been talking with John and Anya and they are overwhelmed with your generosity for people you don't even know. They're trying to find a way to put their feelings into words and all they can think is "Thank you".

And please keep them in your prayers for a safe trip. They'll be traveling at the end of the month.

FrankC said...

That GoFundMe page is confusing, but I managed to guess what they wanted where.

chuck w said...

I chipped in a bit on Monday and the total was kind of low (a bit over $500, I think. I checked this morning and the total is now over $3,000. You did real good Angel!

hiswiserangel said...

Thank you, Chuck, but it was a group effort.
Truth be told, the explosion came after other bloggers,
especially stevierayv, wirecutter and CA at WRSA. I'm
sure there are others. But the point is we ALL came
together to help this family, and I adore every one
of you.